Eyelash Extension Academy Trainers and Cost

Trainer Experience – Who is REALLY Teaching You?

Why does the cost of the training vary that much for each academy?

This is perhaps the most common question we encounter.

Professional Eyelash Extension Training and Certification does not have to come with a hefty price tag. Through years of research and study, we’ve discovered an interesting trend: the more expensive the training, the lower the quality of the outcome. The primary culprit behind this cost difference? The middleman.

Almost every eyelash academy relies on ambassadors to conduct their local training classes. What does this mean for the student? It translates into paying the ambassador’s commission (essentially, their salary for conducting a training class) on top of the training fee charged by the academy. In some cases, a multi-tier ambassador system is in place (see graphic below), involving both local and regional representatives – two middlemen, driving up the student’s training costs even further.

Let’s consider an example: the average cost of $1,000.00 for Eyelash Extension Training at a large corporate academy. Your training fee would typically break down like this:

How much does it cost to receive your Eyelash Extension Training in an Academy Pearl Lash

The key differentiator with Pearl Lash is our commitment to eliminating the middleman. All our classes are conducted by our salaried Master Trainers – no independent lash artists, ambassadors, or contractors involved. This approach enables us to maintain lower training costs, and we pass those savings directly to our students. In fact, our students receive a superior quality education from highly experienced trainers at a fraction of the cost. It’s a win-win! This is precisely what thousands of successful Pearl Lash Certified Lash Artists confirm every day!


Online Training Compare Chart Pearl Lash


Our experienced customer support agents are standing by to answer all your questions.


Difference is Pearl Lash

Who is REALLY Teaching You? 

Ask The Right Questions Before Making That Commitment!


Who is your lash extension trainer?

In today’s world of pay-per-click and flashy advertising headlines, it’s natural to wonder if we’re being chosen by companies instead of making our own choices. Are we still given the freedom to choose a service, or does the highest bidder automatically win our attention?

We miss the personal approach of “mom and pop” shops that used to dominate mainstream America. The personal attention of the owners, genuine care about results, and word-of-mouth referrals were the best forms of advertising. You knew exactly who you were dealing with, face to face. There was no “brand” standing in front of you, hiding surprises for later. When it comes to eyelash extension training, it’s no different. You still want to deal with a real person, someone you can see and speak with, not a faceless corporation with many branches.

Many large training companies grab our attention with expensive advertising. Their strategy is simple: use their brand name and budget to lure buyers.

But are you truly getting the brand-name training experience by paying a premium? Who is your lash extension trainer?

The fact is, most “large brand” training companies outsource their classes through local independent brand ambassadors.

On average, these ambassadors have less than a year of actual training experience, and in some cases, as little as several months. Many classes are conducted primarily to sell products rather than to provide professional education. Do your research!

Who is your lash extension trainer


Here are the questions you should always ask when researching your lash trainer:

Who will be teaching the class I am enrolling in? Please provide me with their name, years of training experience, and any available reviews. Remember, you need this information about the trainer, not the company they work for!

Will all my supplies for the class be provided free of charge, or am I required to purchase a Starter Kit to take the class?

Can I contact my instructor after the training for follow-up questions and advice?

Can I come in for additional help or schedule a refresher class if needed? If so, will the refresher class be free?

Will I receive discounts on my supplies? How fast is the shipping time?

Is your training company accredited with the BBB?


What makes Pearl Lash Unique:

All Training Events are conducted by our own Master Trainers, each with over 15 years of experience teaching worldwide. Pearl Lash does not hire independent brand ambassadors.

We are based in Florida, however, conduct our training seminars all over the World. All products are meticulously formulated to excel in various climates, including both high-humidity and low-humidity regions. This versatility ensures our students can deliver exceptional results regardless of their location.

Upon completing a class, each student has the option to come back for unlimited free refresher classes.

A direct line of communication with our Master Trainers is always open to all our students. In other words, you may contact your Master Trainer for any follow-up questions that arise as you begin perfecting your skills at home.

We do not require our students to purchase any products or Starter Kits; however, our premium products are available if a student decides to proceed with Pearl Lash products.

All products ship from two Pearl Lash Florida warehouses and reach our students on average within 2-3 business days. Above all, our students NEVER pay for shipping for their supplies and receive a student discount off our website prices.

All classroom supplies are provided for our students free of charge.

We focus on proper, professional training first and foremost, not selling our products!

Pearl Lash is a BBB-accredited business with an A rating.

We encourage our prospective students to do their research when choosing their training partners. We hope that our guide will help you ask the right questions and make the right decision for you. 


Who is your lash extension trainer
Why does the cost of the training vary that much for each academy?


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