Online Volume Eyelash Extension Training


Online Instructor-Led Live Virtual Volume Eyelash Extension Training & Certification

Pearl Lash® industry-leading Volume Eyelash Extension Training curriculum is available from the comfort of your home with a live instructor! 

  • Theory | Application | Creating a Fan | Weight Formulas | Hybrids | Customizing 2D-5D
  • The most successful Eyelash Extension Training program in the US!
  • Our team will help you build your Lash Business using our detailed marketing strategies that have succeeded all over the world!
  • Exclusive, Live, Instructor-Led Classes! No Pre-recorded Videos!
  • Free Lash Artist Starter Kit & Mannequin ($250.00 Value)!
  •  Join hundreds of Certified Lash Artists all over the country!
  • Lifetime Membership Included! (Unlimited refreshers, post-training support, product discounts, access to detailed videos to continue practicing after the live training, your business listed on the Network of Professional Lash Artists plus much more!)
  • Class hours are from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)
  • Choose an available training date below:
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Eyelash Extension Starter Kit and Mannequin Head Included with Online Volume Eyelash Extension Training Pearl Lash

Online Instructor-Led Live Volume Eyelash Extension Training & Certification


Our industry-leading Pearl Lash® Volume Eyelash Extension Training is an advanced class designed for students with firm fundamental knowledge of the Classic eyelash application. We welcome students from all US states and all over the world.

Live virtual instructor-led classroom, never more than 10 students! Our fully interactive classroom setting creates a perfect learning environment. 

Online Volume Eyelash Extension Training

Online Theory + Practical Training:

This portion of the training will be conducted in a virtual online classroom. A student will be provided with all information on how to log in and participate during the training session. The training session will take approximately 5 hours. Throughout the session, there will be an open line of communication between the students and the Master Trainer. There will be group discussions and demonstrations with plenty of time for Q&A. There will be multiple breaks during the online session.

Students will have their Training Manual, all documentation, a mannequin head along with a Lash Artist Volume Starter Kit (included in the registration cost). All Training materials and supplies are shipped out to within 24 hours after registration.


Online Volume Eyelash Extension Training

Pearl Lash Volume Online Curriculum:


 Latest Volume Eyelash Shaping and Styling Information

Volume Eyelash Extension Application Theory & Techniques Including 2D through 5D and Hybrid Set Application.

♦ Detailed Eye Anatomy, Allergies & Medical Consultation Review

♦ Eyelash Aftercare & Troubleshooting 

♦ Learning to Create a Perfect Volume Fan  

♦ Proper weight formulas and calculations for various eye types

♦ Focusing on Complete Client Experience, Offering Professional Service

♦ Detailed Product Information Including Proper Adhesive Selection and Proper Selection of Volume Lash Extensions

♦ Self Promotion, Marketing Advice & Free Listing On Pearl Lash Network of Professional Lash Artists

♦ Much More Valuable Theory, Fundamentals, and Industry Tips & Tricks!

♦ Homework assignment – focusing on specific areas during at-home practice will help prepare each student for live model Volume application

♦ Certificate of Volume Eyelash Extension Training Completion mailed out within 24 hours after class completion


Online Eyelash Extension Training by Pearl Lash

Screenshot of a live training class

At-home self-practice:

You have now completed the online theory and practical training. Homework assignments will be emailed to each student after the class is complete. Homework provides further step-by-step instructions for each student to have a clear understanding of key points to focus on during at-home practice. 

At-home practice will be at your own pace. You will now have access to an online video portal which will include videos that were presented to you during your online training plus more. Please refer to the videos and your training manual for guidance. You will have a direct line of communication with your Master Trainer to send photos and questions as you practice. 

Being part of the Pearl Lash Network of Professional Lash Artists, you now have all the tools to succeed. This is not just an Online Class, you have joined a Lash Artist community and support team that will be there guiding you every step of the way. More benefits of your lifetime membership to the Pearl Lash Network are detailed below.


Online Volume Eyelash Extension Training

Difference between Online and Classroom Training:

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Difference between Online and Classroom Training“]

The theory portion of the training curriculum for our Classic Online and Classroom training is identical. The Certification level (and the mailed Certificate) for both Online and Classroom training is identical. 

The hands-on portion of the Online class would comprise a series of detailed step-by-step presentations including full setup, application, process, creating a fan, proper placement, and look customization. Our Master Trainer will provide ample time for each student to clarify any details before proceeding to the next presentation. Upon completion of the Online training, our students practice replicating each of the steps they learned on their own time. All students will have a direct phone line to our Master Trainer for questions and work review.

In-classroom hands-on portion, a student receives 4 hours of live hands-on model training under the supervision of the Master Trainer.

The Lifetime Membership a student receives upon completing their training is identical for both Online and Classroom training.


Lifetime membership to the Pearl Lash Network of Professional Lash Artists is included!

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Lifetime membership to the Pearl Lash Network of Professional Lash Artists is included!“]



Requirements to participate in an online Eyelash Extension Training Session:

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Requirements to participate in an online Eyelash Extension Training Session“]

  • Device connected to the internet (Laptop, Desktop, Tablet/iPad) (Smartphones are not recommended because of the small screen size)
  • A web camera connected to the device listed above (Tablets and Laptops have a built-in camera)
  • A microphone connected to the device listed above (Tablets and Laptops have a built-in microphone, chat will also be available throughout the training session)
  • Good working internet connection
  • Working email account
  • Training Manual with additional documentation (mailed within 24 hours upon registration)
  • A Starter Kit (or students own supplies) containing required products and a mannequin will be mailed to each student upon registration (if Starter Kit and/or mannequin options are chosen)
  • A quiet location with a comfortable place to seat during the online session


Payment and Financing Options:

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Payment and Financing Options:“]

Payment OptionDue at RegistrationBalance Due
Credit/Debit Card$395.00None
ZIP Pay $98.75 *3 equal payments of $98.75 every 2 weeks (interest-free)
PayPal "Pay-in-4"$98.75 *3 equal payments of $98.75 every 2 weeks (interest-free)
PayPal CreditZero Down 6-month financing *6 months

* pending approval at the checkout



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What can I expect during the Online Training?

Pearl Lash Online Training is a live class, conducted via a program similar to Zoom meeting. Cameras and microphones are required to attend. While smartphones could be used, a larger screen is recommended for a better viewing experience.

Only a limited number of students are present to ensure each individual receives plenty of attention from our Master Trainer. Classes are fully interactive, with live conversations, Q&A sessions, and hands-on practice. All supplies and training materials are shipped to our students in advance.

Access to unlimited live refreshers and post-training support is available to all students.

What is included with the Online Training registration?

A complete Starter Kit (the contents of the Starter Kit will vary depending on the class you registered for), a practice mannequin with strip lashes, a set of training manuals, a folder, a notebook, and a pen.

What are the Online Training class hours?

Class hours are from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm EDT. Sometimes classes can run longer, depending on the number of questions our students have.

When will I receive my Online Training supplies?

The complete Online Training package is shipped out within 24 hours of your registration via UPS. Please allow 2-4 business days for delivery.

Will I receive a Certificate upon completing the Online Training?

Yes, all students will receive a Certificate of Completion by mail (unless a Merit digital version is chosen at checkout) within 3-5 business days after completing their live training.

What type of support do I receive after completing my training?

Pearl Lash has been a top-ranked eyelash academy for many years for many reasons, one of which is our commitment to student success!

Upon completion of your class, you can expect:

  • Unlimited lifetime complimentary refreshers.
  • Direct line of communication with your Master Trainer.
  • Placement of your business on the Lash Artist Search Network.
  • Discounts and free shipping on all professional products.
  • Access to Pearl Lash Online Video Library.
  • Ability to download and customize consultation forms, aftercare cards, and more.
What if I live outside of United States, can I still attend?

Yes, we welcome students from all over the world! Pearl Lash currently has Lash Artists working in over 20 countries. 

The only extra charge would be the international shipping cost. Please contact our registrations team at: [email protected] for your shipping quote.

What if I can’t attend the class I registered for?

Our team understands that we all live very busy lives, therefore our transfer policy is extremely simple. If for any reason you cannot attend your scheduled class, we will transfer you to the next scheduled class, free of charge!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, Pearl Lash offers several payment plan options, both available at checkout. ZIP Pay-in-4 and PayPal Pay-in-4 options are both interest-free. We also offer PayPal 6-month interest-free financing. 

What type of license or certification do I need to become a professional lash artist?

Please be advised that every state has its unique regulations. In the state of Florida (Pearl Lash Headquarters), you are not required to have a special eyelash extensions license however the Board of Cosmetology does require a Lash Artist to have one of the following state licenses: Facialist (Esthetician), Cosmetologist, Full Specialist or a Medical License (including RN). For a detailed list of state regulations please follow this link.

After receiving the Pearl Lash Certificate of Completion you will be required to obtain one of the state-regulated licenses stated above before you can work professionally in the state of Florida. Pearl Lash Certificate of Completion does not permit performing eyelash extensions professionally until one of the above-stated licenses is obtained. According to the Florida Department of Professional Regulations, a person can obtain a Facialist (Esthetician) license without a GED as long as they have reached the age of 16 years old. For additional information please read ourHow To Become An Eyelash ArtistorEsthetician License Through a Trade Schoolarticle.

As of 2023, the following states do not require any additional licensing to perform eyelash extension services: Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, Missouri, and Wisconsin. If you reside in one of the 7 states listed above, upon completing your Certification Training with Pearl Lash, you are ready to work professionally. Regulations for all other states can be found here.




Eyelash Extension Artist Average Salary Chart Pearl Lash

Average income is calculated based on average service cost and may vary based on the local market and the level of experience.


Online Volume Eyelash Extension Training


If you have any additional questions about Pearl Lash Online Eyelash Extension Training, please call us, chat with our online assistants, or email our registrations team.

Eyelash Extension Training Academy Pearl Lash Florida

How To Join And Attend Pearl Lash Online Eyelash Extension Training – Tutorial

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Online Volume Eyelash Extension Training
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