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      Pearl Lash is proud to stand behind our Certified Lash Artists. Lash Artists who graduated from Pearl Lash Academy and choose to be showcased on our Network of Professional Lash Artists could be found here via the Pearl Lash Find Your Certified Lash Artist Search.

      In order to get on the Network, a Lash Artist needs to become either Classic, Volume, or Lash Lift certified with Pearl Lash, or become an exclusive Pearl Lash salon, spa. 

      Find a Lash Extension Artist Near Me


      Find Your Certified Lash Artist


      Have you been looking for a professional, knowledgeable and talented eyelash artist? Find a Lash Extension Artist Near Me search directory provided by The Pearl Lash Network Of Certified Lash Artists was created in 2018 to try and solve this dilemma. We hope our directory will help you find the Lash Artist you have been looking for!

      Pearl Lash Certified Lash Artists are taught by tougher, European style standards that are second to none. We approach lash service from the medical point of view. Our artists focus on eye anatomy, allergies, client’s medical conditions, and metabolism to advise and educate their clients on eyelash extensions. You can be certain the proper face, eye and overall health analysis will be the focus of your service. The most important aspect is that you can be sure that proper professional products will be used during your service. Each of our Certified Lash Artists operates independently and is not employed by Pearl Lash. Find a lash artist near me.


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