Whats Happening At Pearl Lash – July 2018


Whats Happening At Pearl Lash – July 2018

Pearl Lash has been working very hard on making sure our newly certified lash artists have access to affordable eyelash extension supplies while they start their new careers and build up their clientele. In addition to the perks that Pearl Lash already provides our students with including a student discount on top of free shipping for all orders, now comes another big announcement…

Whats Happening At Pearl Lash - July 2018

Introducing Pearl Points!

This newly unveiled rewards program is another great benefit to all Pearl Lash students as well as lash artists everywhere. It is a simple program to help reward lash artists with credits for products they already use. There are no fees or confusing sign up sheets, if you have a Pearl Lash online account you are now enrolled! Check the “My Account” tab and click on “Pearl Points” to see your point total. Now, do not be disappointed to find the ugly round number “O” in your Pearl Points account since this program has been unveiled on July 15th, 2018. All your purchases starting from July 15th will automatically be accumulating points, for every dollar you spend.

Latest Pearl Lash News - July 2018

Now you can shop for your supplies as you would and earn Pearl Points for your everyday purchases. Collect points to redeem for free lash supplies at Checkout! How much better can it get?


Free Shipping For The Month of July on All Products!

We already know that all current and former Pearl Lash students NEVER pay for shipping (on top of their student discount) when ordering from Pearl Lash! Now we are having a new promotion for everyone who is interested in working with our Pearl Lash Premium products. Throughout the entire month of July, everyone gets free shipping! That’s right, as we celebrate the greatest season of all, let this be our little gift to you. Please use promo code: SUMMERLASH at checkout and pay nothing, zero, nada for standard ground shipping anywhere in the continuous 50 states (we are sorry Alaska, HI and PR, we have to exclude you from this promotion). There is no minimum order so happy lashing everyone!


Exciting New Additions To The Pearl Lash Premium Line of Products

At Pearl Lash, we are always working on adding new products to our online store. That includes traveling all over the world in search for that new idea and excellent quality you have come to expect from Pearl Lash.

Lash Shampoo and Foaming Cleanser

We use shampoo’s to clean of our hair, body washes to wash our skin, but what about our eyelashes? From our personal experience, nine of our ten women (we have not asked men however we will venture to guess ten out of ten) do not take any care of their eyelashes. Being in the eyelash world, this is a shocking statistic. Our lashes collect dust, dirt, oils and other unpleasant matters just like our hair does. As lash artists, we see it every day, clients with dirty eyelashes, and the worst part is, they do not even know they are dirty. It is of utmost importance that we must preach to all our clients that they must wash their lashes on a daily basis to maintain them long and beautiful. The Pearl Lash Shampoo is a perfect product designed specifically for eyelashes, and is a must have for every women (and men) who believes proper lash hygiene is important. It is also a great accessory for every lash artist, to wash and cleanse your clients natural lashes before you begin your eyelash extension application.

Perfect for cleansing and removing makeup prior to any eyelash service as well as everyday use. Enriched with Vitamin C and Grapefruit Extract to provide nourishment and conditioning. Use every morning and before bed to wash and nourish your eyelashes for a healthy and strong natural lashes.

Gentle formula will remove oil and protein buildup to guarantee a perfect bond for eyelash extension application.


Clear Adhesive For Lash Lift

Another new product introduced to our Pearl Lash store is the Clear Adhesive. This Extremely versatile Hypoallergenic Formula is specially designed for various eyelash enhancement services. Perfect for Eyelash Lift (Perm) and Keratin Treatment application. Additional uses include application of eyelash clusters and strip lashes. Applicator brush included for easy application process. Water Soluble Hypoallergenic Formula is perfect for sensitive eyes and clients with allergies.

Not suitable for eyelash extension application. For professional use only.


Pearl Lash Purple Fitted Lash Table Sheet

We have been asked numerous times at our training events “Where can I buy those beautiful massage table sheets you are using?” and we now have the answer. Brand new to Pearl Lash Store, The Pearl Lash Purple Fitted Lash Table Sheet is a perfect accessory to complete your home studio.

Create a beautiful sleek look for your massage table, just like you see during all Pearl Lash Training Events! Made from super silky stretch polyester material that enhances the beauty of your lash studio providing an elegant look and feel. 

Four reinforced side pockets for legs to hold the sheet securely in place. Stain & wrinkle resistant spandex material which is machine washable and requires no ironing. 

Measures 72″ length x 30″ wide x 30″ tall to fit any stationary or portable massage table.


Please Follow This Link For The Complete Lineup of Pearl Lash Premium Eyelash Extension Supplies 

Whats Happening At Pearl Lash - July 2018

Whats Happening At Pearl Lash – July 2018

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