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What is the difference between Online and Classroom Training?

The main difference between Online and Classroom training is the live model hands-on experience. 

The theory portion of the training curriculum for our Classic Online and Classroom training is identical. The Certification level upon completing either course is identical. 

The hands-on portion of the Online class would consist of a series of detailed step by step presentations including full setup, gel patch application, isolation, application, and removal process. Our Master Trainer will provide ample time for each student to clarify any details before proceeding to the next presentation. Upon completion of the Online training, our students begin practicing to replicate each of the steps they learned on their own time while having a direct phone line access to our Master Trainer for follow-up questions and to review photos of their work.

In-classroom hands-on portion, a student receives 4 hours of live hands-on model training under the supervision of the Master Trainer.

The Lifetime Membership a student receives upon completing their training is identical for both Online and Classroom training.


Do students receive discounts on your products online?

Yes, each of our students will have access to special pricing on all the products posted on our website. After completion of their training class, each student will be provided with instructions on how to obtain their student discount as well as free shipping on all products with no minimum order when purchasing on our website’s shop page! Pearl Lash offers a full line of premium eyelash extensions and accessories that each student will get to try during the training. Your trainer will explain the benefits of various products and accessories during the training and it will be up to each individual student if they choose to start their career with the Pearl Lash Premium line of products or choose one of our competitors.

Training FAQ


How Can I Access the Student Video Portal or Download a Consultation Form and Aftercare Card?

All current and former students have access to our Student Video Portal that contains various practice videos. We also offer our Certified Students access to several important forms they can download and utilize for their business use.

All information and download links are located in the “My Account” section. Please note that you must be signed into your student account in order to download any of the forms.

How Do I Find The Training Videos?

All training videos are located within the Student Video Portal. The Portal is available to all current and past students for unlimited viewing. New videos are added frequently, please feel free to login in and check for any updates from time to time.

Please note that only active student membership accounts have access to the videos. 

Please follow this link to the Student Video Portal. If you are not logged in, you will be redirected to the login page before returning to the Portal.

How do I login to my online Training Class?

Logging in to our Online Training is very simple. Please find the step by step instructions in our Online Training Tutorial.



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Training FAQ
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