Training FAQ

What can I expect during the training? What is included in the price or your training?

All of our classes are divided into two portions. The first portion of the class is called the “Theory” portion where our trainer will cover all aspects of lash application techniques, various styles, product options, client consultation, medical consultation, eye anatomy, marketing and walk you step by step through the real-world client experience. Each student is provided with a detailed training manual that will walk them through the theory portion of the class and allow them to take notes and perform several practice assignments. Each student keeps their training manual and is encouraged to reference this guide as they continue to practice after completing the class. The second portion of the class is the “Hands-on” portion. In this portion, each student will require to bring a model (look in the “Do I need to bring a model” section of the FAQ) who will be with you for the second part of the day. During the hands-on portion, all students will be provided with a supply kit to use in class that will include everything needed to start working on your model’s eyelashes. Our trainer will help each student with one on one attention and consult each individually throughout the entire process.

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Does Pearl Lash offer a payment plan or a scholarship?

We understand that sometimes coming up with a full payment upfront might be challenging for most of us. For those reasons, we have implemented a deposit system. Each student may register with just a $200 deposit to secure a seat to any of our training events. The balance of the class will not be due until 7 days prior to your particular training date. Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer any scholarships or training assistance. If something changes in the future we will surely let everyone know about it.

Training FAQ


What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule after I registered?

At Pearl Lash, we have a very lenient cancellation and transfer policy.

All we require is a 14-day advanced notice via email to our customer support team ( before your scheduled training date. When writing a cancellation or transfer request email, please include your full name, contact information, the city you are registered for and the date of the class. If requesting a transfer, please indicate the venue and the date you would like your registration to be changed to. All refunds will be processed within 24 hours of initial request however may require between 3 – 7 business days (depending on your financial institution) to show up on your bank statement.

Out of respect to our trainers, we do not accept any cancellation requests within the 14 day period before the class date. A lot of preparation and organization by each trainer goes into preparing for the event that begins several weeks in advance making last-minute cancellations very disruptive. In an event of an emergency within the 14 day grace period and you absolutely cannot attend the training, we do offer a late transfer option which carries a fee of $200.00.

You may request a late transfer within 14 days or your originally scheduled event in writing via email to our customer support team ( Please note that all requests must be made in writing and emailed to our customer support team. The complete Terms and Conditions statement is available on our website.

Standby List – The training class I wanted to attend is Sold Out, how do I join the standby list?

We always recommend registering and putting down a deposit for your desired training as early as possible as many of our classes do sell out well in advance. However, if you did not get a chance to register early and now see your desired class has become sold out, do not get discouraged.

Pearl Lash does offer a Standby list $50.00 deposit option that a student can register for. This is a fully refundable option that places you first in line in an event a seat becomes available to the class you are interested in. Your deposit will be applied towards the full cost of the class (example: If the full cost of the class is $475.00, your balance would be $425.00 if your seat becomes available).

If a seat for the class you applied your $50.00 Standby list deposit does not become available 7 days prior to the date of that class, your deposit will automatically be refunded. The funds will be released back via the same form of payment you used for the original $50.00 deposit you provided.

In order to register for the Standby list, please follow these steps:

  • Open the page of your desired class.
  • Scroll down until you see the “Standby Deposit” dropdown menu. The $50.00 deposit options should already be pre-selected, if it is not, please choose the “$50.00” option.

  • Just below that, you will see an option to add a take-home Starter Kit to your registration. Checkmark that option if you choose to add the Starter Kit to your registration (it is optional). After the Starter Kit decision has been made, please click on the “Add To Cart” option just below (both steps marked with arrows for reference below)

  • A slide menu will open on the left of your screen with several options. Please click the “Checkout” button (marked with an arrow for reference below) to proceed to the registration checkout screen.

  • A registration checkout page will open. Here you will be asked to create a student account by entering your email address and password. Once completed, please proceed to enter the rest of your information in every step marked with a * next to it.
  • Proceed to enter your payment information to complete your Standby list registration. Click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page to complete your registration.
  • You will receive an email confirmation within 15-30 minutes after your Standby list registration deposit has been accepted.
  • Once a seat becomes available, our registrations team will reach out to notify you via email and phone. At that time, a balance invoice will be issued. The balance has to be paid within 72 hours after receiving your balance invoice.
  • After the balance payment invoice has been paid, you will receive a Welcome email that will include all training information. Your Pearl Lash membership will also be activated at this time.

If a seat will not become available for the training class you applied your deposit to prior to the 7-day threshold, your deposit will be refunded automatically.




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