Training FAQ

Is there a dress code for the training?

Even though we do not require a special dress code, we do ask that everyone is dressed courteously. Please do not wear cut jeans or t-shirts, short/mini skirts, stained clothes or clothes with inappropriate graphics or messages. The training rooms are always kept to a cool 70 degrees in order to provide ideal temperature for the adhesive, therefore, we highly encourage you to bring an extra layer of clothing in case you are prone to get cold. If you have long hair, please make sure to bring a scrunchy or something to hold your hair back while working.

What is the new Lash Lift w/Keratin Treatment Training?

We glad you asked! Pearl Lash is extremely proud to roll out our new patented keratin treatment formula education. Many months of extensive research and product testing have gone into the curriculum to create a one of a kind training experience. Eyelash lift if an Asian trend that has been booming in Eastern and Western Europe as well as Asia for several years now and is just beginning to reach the US market. We have partnered up with a leading manufacturer as well as an experienced European trainer to bring you this exclusive training. In short, eyelash lift is an alternative to eyelash extension. There are many benefits to a potential client that are explicitly detailed in our post here. If you have any additional questions after reading this post, please contact us for more information.

Standby List – The training class I wanted to attend is Sold Out, how do I join the standby list?

We always recommend registering and putting down a deposit for your desired training as early as possible as many of our classes do sell out well in advance. However, if you did not get a chance to register early and now see your desired class has become sold out, do not get discouraged.

Pearl Lash does offer a Standby list $50.00 deposit option that a student can register for. This is a fully refundable option that places you first in line in an event a seat becomes available to the class you are interested in. Your deposit will be applied towards the full cost of the class (example: If the full cost of the class is $475.00, your balance would be $425.00 if your seat becomes available).

If a seat for the class you applied your $50.00 Standby list deposit does not become available 7 days prior to the date of that class, your deposit will automatically be refunded. The funds will be released back via the same form of payment you used for the original $50.00 deposit you provided.

In order to register for the Standby list, please follow these steps:

  • Open the page of your desired class.
  • Scroll down until you see the “Standby Deposit” dropdown menu. The $50.00 deposit options should already be pre-selected, if it is not, please choose the “$50.00” option.

  • Just below that, you will see an option to add a take-home Starter Kit to your registration. Checkmark that option if you choose to add the Starter Kit to your registration (it is optional). After the Starter Kit decision has been made, please click on the “Add To Cart” option just below (both steps marked with arrows for reference below)

  • A slide menu will open on the left of your screen with several options. Please click the “Checkout” button (marked with an arrow for reference below) to proceed to the registration checkout screen.

  • A registration checkout page will open. Here you will be asked to create a student account by entering your email address and password. Once completed, please proceed to enter the rest of your information in every step marked with a * next to it.
  • Proceed to enter your payment information to complete your Standby list registration. Click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page to complete your registration.
  • You will receive an email confirmation within 15-30 minutes after your Standby list registration deposit has been accepted.
  • Once a seat becomes available, our registrations team will reach out to notify you via email and phone. At that time, a balance invoice will be issued. The balance has to be paid within 72 hours after receiving your balance invoice.
  • After the balance payment invoice has been paid, you will receive a Welcome email that will include all training information. Your Pearl Lash membership will also be activated at this time.

If a seat will not become available for the training class you applied your deposit to prior to the 7-day threshold, your deposit will be refunded automatically.


How Can I Download The Consultation Form and Aftercare Card?

All current and former Students have access to several forms which they can download for their own business use.

The forms are located in the "My Account" -> "Memberships" section or you can follow this link to be transferred to your Memberships page. Please note that you must be signed in to your student account in order to download any of the forms.

How Do I Find The Training Videos?

All training videos are located within the Student Video Portal. The Portal is available to all current and past students for unlimited viewing. New videos are added frequently, please feel free to login in and check for any updates from time to time.

Please note that only active student membership accounts have access to the videos. 

Please follow this link to the Student Video Portal. If you are not logged in, you will be redirected to the login page before returning to the Portal.

How do I login to my online Training Class?

Logging in to our Online Training is very simple. Please find the step by step instructions in our Online Training Tutorial.



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