Training Options: Cost vs Value

Just like the old saying “money doesn’t buy you happiness”, spending more money on eyelash extension training will not necessarily make you a better eyelash extension artist. Today, I wanted to touch on a subject of training cost versus the actual value received, a certain value per dollar spent equation.

We have always heard the cliches “you get what you paid for” and “a cheapskate will pay twice“. Those cliches are mostly true when it comes to physical products and goods available on the market. It is quite obvious that every single resource that goes into making a product costs money. We are not naive to believe that a product purchased at a dollar store will be of any quality, after-all there are no magic supply chain tricks that can pack quality in exchange for peanuts. We are all willing to spend an extra buck trusting that it will pay off as we are receiving a better quality product.

What differentiates many companies out there is how well they can trim the fat (supply chain term, meaning; reduce as much overhead expenses while delivering quality and keeping the costs manageable) to allow themselves be both affordable and quality driven. This goes back to how well the company is managed from the top down and how vertically integrated it is. A well managed, lean vertically integrated company can and will produce high quality product and a lower cost.  However, no matter how lean and well structured a goods manufacturer is, it still has very little room for cutting costs due to a simple fact that Quality Raw Materials Are Much More Expensive than the stuff you will find at the dollar store.

You are probably thinking; Why am I trying to explain the basic principles of supply chain when the key subject here is the value of eyelash extension training. That is a good and well deserved question as we will now take a look at the other spectrum of goods out there, simply called “Services” to determine the contrast.

Services are not manufactured, they do not require any expensive raw materials nor do they require a lean and productive assembly line. Services are purchased and sold purely as an auxiliary function which most often one cannot touch, see or feel. Generally being a materialistic society, why do we continually spend so much of our hard earned money on services?  We do that because we strive for substance, we strive to be taught, pampered, driven, entertained, and cared for.  Service industry has been growing at a much higher rate than the goods sector according to article from 2016.

Why is this important? For a simple fact that the entire beauty industry both behind the scenes (i.e. beauty schools, training academies) as well as in front of the customer is built solely towards the service sector. Quality service does not need to cost a lot of money. Service is something deep inside each individual, it is the backbone of our performance, an engine that drives and motivates us to achieve and get ahead. In order to become great at your profession, one simply needs to embrace their inner talents and continue to work hard in order to maintain it.

Going back to our original thought; will spending more money on training make you a better eyelash extension artist? The simple answer is NO. What will make you a better artist is your motivation and drive to succeed, the factors that money has very little effect on.

Here are the common questions our customer service team at Pearl Lash is often being asked:

How come your training is less expensive than several other corporations I researched?

Simple; we are an independent company, not affiliated with a brand. This means we do not pay any royalties or distribution fees for product offerings, classroom supplies and materials. We also have a lower overhead as we do not train-to-hire any third party trainers. Our Master Trainers all come from within the Pearl Lash family. We also are not requiring our students to purchase a Starter Kit upon registration (most training facilities build-in the cost of the kit which could range between $150 – $600 into the mandatory registration fee) which allows more flexibility and less our of pocket cost.

How come your products cost less than similar eyelash extension companies? A box of eyelashes costs over $30 from “other” companies, why is Pearl Lash only $18?

Simple; all our products are delivered directly from our manufacturer. Each of our manufacturers were hand selected by our master trainer and audited (in person) for quality and consistency. By purchasing direct, instead of going through re-sellers and third party supply houses Pearl Lash is able to obtain significant savings which are then passed to our students and future customers. Most people are surprised to know that (going back to the vertical integration earlier in the article) mostly all synthetic mink eyelash extensions come from the same region in the world,  same few high quality factories and go through the same exact treatment process. What then differentiates them between $35 box and $18 box is just that… a box or what we call “brand and packaging overhead”. Our nominal costs are basically the same, it is that “uncut fat” that adds up for the customer to pay $35 or $18.

Considering Pearl Lash has been in business for only a few years, are you truly as knowledgeable and experienced as the other guys?

Yes, it is true, Pearl Lash as a brand has only been in business for a few years. However, do not let our “corporate” age stand in the way of our experience. Pearl Lash is a brainchild of it’s master trainer, Katherine Rozenbaum, who has been indulged in the eyelash extension industry since way before the trend ever made it to the US shores. She has been performing and teaching eyelash extension artistry for over 10 years. Starting her training with one of the original eyelash extension trainers back in Russia in 2007 and continuing with many profound training academies in Europe and USA. What she brings to each of her training classes cannot be measured with time or money, it has to be experienced.  This is the main difference between Pearl Lash and the trainers for most other training academies who are allowed to train under their brand as soon as they receive their own certificate of completion.

Have more questions, visit our FAQ section to find out more.

We do encourage our students to shop around, read reviews and talk to other professionals about various training companies out there. Please do your research, ask questions and when you are ready, we will be ready for you.


Your Pearl Lash Family.

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