Average Salary for an Eyelash Extension Artist in 2022

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It has been several decades since eyelash extensions became mainstream in the beauty industry. Significant advances in technology have made our products lighter and more appealing. Modern-day eyelash extensions look and feel real, making our eyes irresistible.

One thing has not changed in the past 20 years. Today, we are still facing a severe shortage of professional talent in the industry. Lack of qualified Lash Artists is pronounced in every part of the world. Appointment books are filling up long in advance and Lash Artists are forced to stop accepting new clients as they simply cannot accommodate more demand.

When we talk about the potential earnings for Certified Lash Artists, many are in disbelief. It is not uncommon for a Lash Artist with about 1 year of experience to charge as much as $200 for a set of Classic eyelash extensions and as much as $400 for a set of Volume. While prices do vary depending on the locale, we have noticed that in rural areas, prices have skyrocketed since 2020 and are climbing close to those in large urban markets. When you couple that with extremely low back-bar cost (on average, the back-bar, ie. product cost is under $6 per client), full-time Lash Artists are making a higher wage than nurses, cosmetologists, and many medical professionals.

The chart below is calculated based on an average (50th percentile) cost of services for a Lash Artist with 1 year of experience in the industry in the United States.

Eyelash Extension Training Academy Classes Lash Course Artist Average Salary Chart Pearl Lash 2022


As you can see, working full time, an average Lash Artist can make well over $100,000 per year. The obvious question is, why are there still so few Lash Artists out there? While there is no simple answer, based on years of industry experience, our team has some insights.

Lash Artistry requires a lot of hard work and dedication to the craft. As with any industry, if you would like to make a great living, you must put in the utmost effort in order to achieve it. Many beginners are giving up too early and simply do not choose to put in the time and practice. The first 3-6 months in the life of a young Lash Artist are difficult. Many long hours of practice and concentration need to be put in to become a perfectionist. And this job prefers perfectionists.

Lack of qualified and quality education is another reason why many Lash Artists fail to reach their potential. We cannot stress this aspect enough to our students. It is critical to begin your training and subsequent daily practice the right way. Unprofessional and unqualified training will create bad habits that are that much harder to break than learn from scratch.

Another key to achieving a successful career as an Eyelash Artist is the need to believe in yourself. Self-esteem is often the reason many young Lash Artists give up. Our instructors are often faced with students who are very talented, yet are having trouble believing in their abilities.

At Pearl Lash, we believe that anyone can succeed. All it takes is hard work, dedication, and a true desire to become your very best. Our students are equipped with all the required knowledge, skills, and support to become professional Lash Artists. Starting from our beginner Classic Training, our graduates are comfortable knowing that we are there for them, every step of the way.


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