Pearl Lash International Reach

Pearl Lash International Reach!


At Pearl Lash, we take pride in expanding our implacable training style beyond US borders. Our international reach has been incredible, and we are very excited to share the true 5-star training experience with the rest of the world. The certification an individual receives after completing any of Pearl Lash certification courses is valid anywhere in the world* and could be used as a great asset anywhere our students proceed with their career path.

We are proud to say that since our Academy has opened its doors, we have had the pleasure of certifying students who flew in to attend our training events from the following counties:


USA – 1000+ Students

Brazil – 2 Students

Bahamas – 23 Students

US Virgin Islands – 3 Students

Jamaica – 3 Students

Mexico – 5 Students

Russia – 2 Students

Canada – 3 Students

India – 2 Students

Trinidad and Tobago – 2 Students

Costa Rica – 1 Student

Turks and Caicos – 1 Student

Barbados – 1 Student

Suriname – 2 Students

Spain – 1 Student

Japan – 1 Student

Great Britain – 1 Student

Poland – 1 Student

Australia – 1 Student


Our registration staff is always asked on the language barrier that presents itself in hosting international students. We always say “the eyelash extension art is universal…, it knows no languages“. In reality, our Training Event Staff is extremely well prepared for international students. All classes are conducted in English, however, to accommodate our diverse clientele, our training materials (which include our industry-leading training manuals, all documentation as well as all exams) are offered in both English, Spanish and Russian languages.

If a student arrives from a country that does not speak either of the 3 covered languages, we do allow the use of all translation devices in class including Google Translate. Translation devices similar to Google Translate help students communicate with the Master Trainer by translating their questions and presenting them to the Trainer at any time during class. The Trainer will use that same translation device to answer all questions. Our foreign students often stay after the classes are complete to spend additional time with the Trainer in a more intimate one on one environment to make sure they cement all the knowledge before concluding their training.

We welcome students from all different backgrounds to become certified Eyelash Extension Artists. Pearl Lash is the highest rated Eyelash Extension Training Academy In The State of Florida!**



Eyelash Extension Training by Pearl Lash


*Please check with your local government and stale department of professional rules and regulations at to what type of additional licensing is required in your local municipality. Each state and country does have its own licensing regulations that must be followed. However, the certification Pearl Lash provides does not have any geographic limitation and could be applied or displayed at your place of employment.
**Based on Google, Facebook, BBB Reviews 2017-2020
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