Milwaukee, Get Ready for Glam: Pearl Lash Brings Top-Rated Lash Extension Education to Your Doorstep

Our New Location Eyelash Extension Training Academy Milwaukee WI


Milwaukee, WI Classic Eyelash Extension Training Academy by Pearl Lash


Milwaukee, Get Ready for Glam: Pearl Lash Brings Top-Notch Lash Education to Your Doorstep


Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of eyelash extensions? Well, Milwaukee, hold onto your mascara wands because Pearl Lash is coming to town! 🌟

For almost eight years, Pearl Lash has been synonymous with success and excellence in the state of Florida, with four flourishing locations across the state—Tampa, Orlando, Boca Raton, and our headquarters in Cape Coral, FL. Now, the time has come for us to share our wealth of experience, top-rated education, and unwavering product support with all inspiring Lash Artists in Milwaukee, WI. It’s an exciting new chapter, and we can’t wait to make you a part of it!


Why Choose Pearl Lash Academy in Milwaukee?

Now, you might be wondering, “Why should I choose Pearl Lash when there are so many other options in Milwaukee?” Great question! We have an answer that’s as luscious as your future lashes.


eyelash extension classes, training and certification Orlando, Tampa, Boca Raton, Cape Coral and Milwaukee, WI Lash Class

1. Unparalleled Experience:

Pearl Lash has been at the forefront of the lash industry for nearly a decade. That’s right, we’ve been perfecting the art of eyelash extensions since 2016. Our journey has seen us train & certify over 2000 Certified Lash Artists worldwide, and we’re just getting started!



Pearl Lash Extensions Training Reviews Florida Milwaukee

2. Expertise You Can Trust:

Our classes are not just about applying lashes; they’re about creating lash artists who understand their craft inside out. We focus on proper business and marketing strategies, eye anatomy, allergies, client’s medical conditions, and metabolism to provide you with a holistic approach to eyelash extensions. You’ll learn from the best, and that’s a promise!


New Location Eyelash Extension Training Academy Milwaukee WI

3. Perks and Benefits Like No Other:

At Pearl Lash, we believe in spoiling our students with perks and benefits that make learning fun exciting, and beneficial for years to come. Expect interactive classes, hands-on training, and all the post-training support you need to shine in your new career. 

Some of the benefits include Unlimited Lifetime Refreshers for all students, discounts on all professional products including free shipping, access to our Student Video Portal where our students are able to watch all step-by-step videos while practicing, direct line of communication with your Master Trainer for ongoing support and most importantly adding your future business to our Network of Professional Lash Artists!


Our New Location Eyelash Extension Training Academy Milwaukee WI

4. Worldwide Community:

When you join Pearl Lash, you’re not just a student; you become part of a global community of lash artists. Connect with fellow artists, share your experiences, and grow together. Our network is 2000+ strong and counting!


New Location Eyelash Extension Training Academy Milwaukee WI


5. Get Ready to Shine:

Classes begin in July 2024, and we’re already buzzing with excitement! It’s your chance to get certified and start your journey as an Eyelash Extension Artist. Imagine transforming the way people look and feel, one lash at a time. It’s not just a career; it’s a glamorous adventure! 


Registration Is Now Open! Join the Pearl Lash Revolution in Milwaukee!


So, Milwaukee, get ready to flutter those lashes and bat away the competition. With Pearl Lash by your side, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Our classes are simple, fun, and professional – just like the art of eyelash extensions should be. Earn your professional certification and let Pearl Lash Extensions become your lifelong companion and your signature business card for your future career.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to kickstart your career in style. Join us in July 2024 and let the world see the fabulous Eyelash Extension Artist in you!


Register Now For Live Online Eyelash Extension Training and Certification by Pearl Lash


Our New Location Eyelash Extension Training Academy Milwaukee WI




New location Eyelash extension Training Academy Milwaukee WI

Eyelash Extension Academy Trainers and Cost

Trainer Experience – Who is REALLY Teaching You?

Why does the cost of the training vary that much for each academy?

This is perhaps the most common question we encounter.

Professional Eyelash Extension Training and Certification does not have to come with a hefty price tag. Through years of research and study, we’ve discovered an interesting trend: the more expensive the training, the lower the quality of the outcome. The primary culprit behind this cost difference? The middleman.

Almost every eyelash academy relies on ambassadors to conduct their local training classes. What does this mean for the student? It translates into paying the ambassador’s commission (essentially, their salary for conducting a training class) on top of the training fee charged by the academy. In some cases, a multi-tier ambassador system is in place (see graphic below), involving both local and regional representatives – two middlemen, driving up the student’s training costs even further.

Let’s consider an example: the average cost of $1,000.00 for Eyelash Extension Training at a large corporate academy. Your training fee would typically break down like this:

How much does it cost to receive your Eyelash Extension Training in an Academy Pearl Lash

The key differentiator with Pearl Lash is our commitment to eliminating the middleman. All our classes are conducted by our salaried Master Trainers – no independent lash artists, ambassadors, or contractors involved. This approach enables us to maintain lower training costs, and we pass those savings directly to our students. In fact, our students receive a superior quality education from highly experienced trainers at a fraction of the cost. It’s a win-win! This is precisely what thousands of successful Pearl Lash Certified Lash Artists confirm every day!


Online Training Compare Chart Pearl Lash


Our experienced customer support agents are standing by to answer all your questions.


Difference is Pearl Lash

Who is REALLY Teaching You? 

Ask The Right Questions Before Making That Commitment!


Who is your lash extension trainer?

In today’s world of pay-per-click and flashy advertising headlines, it’s natural to wonder if we’re being chosen by companies instead of making our own choices. Are we still given the freedom to choose a service, or does the highest bidder automatically win our attention?

We miss the personal approach of “mom and pop” shops that used to dominate mainstream America. The personal attention of the owners, genuine care about results, and word-of-mouth referrals were the best forms of advertising. You knew exactly who you were dealing with, face to face. There was no “brand” standing in front of you, hiding surprises for later. When it comes to eyelash extension training, it’s no different. You still want to deal with a real person, someone you can see and speak with, not a faceless corporation with many branches.

Many large training companies grab our attention with expensive advertising. Their strategy is simple: use their brand name and budget to lure buyers.

But are you truly getting the brand-name training experience by paying a premium? Who is your lash extension trainer?

The fact is, most “large brand” training companies outsource their classes through local independent brand ambassadors.

On average, these ambassadors have less than a year of actual training experience, and in some cases, as little as several months. Many classes are conducted primarily to sell products rather than to provide professional education. Do your research!

Who is your lash extension trainer


Here are the questions you should always ask when researching your lash trainer:

Who will be teaching the class I am enrolling in? Please provide me with their name, years of training experience, and any available reviews. Remember, you need this information about the trainer, not the company they work for!

Will all my supplies for the class be provided free of charge, or am I required to purchase a Starter Kit to take the class?

Can I contact my instructor after the training for follow-up questions and advice?

Can I come in for additional help or schedule a refresher class if needed? If so, will the refresher class be free?

Will I receive discounts on my supplies? How fast is the shipping time?

Is your training company accredited with the BBB?


What makes Pearl Lash Unique:

All Training Events are conducted by our own Master Trainers, each with over 15 years of experience teaching worldwide. Pearl Lash does not hire independent brand ambassadors.

We are based in Florida, however, conduct our training seminars all over the World. All products are meticulously formulated to excel in various climates, including both high-humidity and low-humidity regions. This versatility ensures our students can deliver exceptional results regardless of their location.

Upon completing a class, each student has the option to come back for unlimited free refresher classes.

A direct line of communication with our Master Trainers is always open to all our students. In other words, you may contact your Master Trainer for any follow-up questions that arise as you begin perfecting your skills at home.

We do not require our students to purchase any products or Starter Kits; however, our premium products are available if a student decides to proceed with Pearl Lash products.

All products ship from two Pearl Lash Florida warehouses and reach our students on average within 2-3 business days. Above all, our students NEVER pay for shipping for their supplies and receive a student discount off our website prices.

All classroom supplies are provided for our students free of charge.

We focus on proper, professional training first and foremost, not selling our products!

Pearl Lash is a BBB-accredited business with an A rating.

We encourage our prospective students to do their research when choosing their training partners. We hope that our guide will help you ask the right questions and make the right decision for you. 


Who is your lash extension trainer
Why does the cost of the training vary that much for each academy?


Eyelash Extension Classroom Training Time – One day vs Multiple days

Eyelash Extension Classroom Training Time - One day vs Multiple days

Eyelash Extension Classroom Training Time – One day vs Multiple days

Students researching different Eyelash Extension Schools often are faced with the following questions:

▶ Will one day of classroom training be enough, what if I need more?

▶ Why are some schools offering a single day class while others extend the training to multiple days?

Eyelash Extension Classroom Training Time - One day vs Multiple days

Let us put your mind at rest!

At Pearl Lash, we believe that there is nothing more valuable in our profession (or possibly life) than time. While most of us are able to take a day off and dedicate it to training, spending two days away from your job and asking your model to take a full day off for you might be challenging. Early on, we made a decision to incorporate each of our training courses into a single day. We believe the required technical information and hands-on training does not demand more than a single day commitment when researching student testimonials.

However, if any of our students do not grasp any portion of the class during the full day of training, we have a great option for you… Free Refresher Training! Pearl Lash has pioneered the first and only Free Refresher option in the SE United States! Coming in for the second day of training is absolutely free! Yes, you heard it right, Free! If you choose to extend your training from a one day to a two day, you are welcome to do so at No Additional Charge! You may do so right on the spot (during your initial class) or you may attend any of Pearl Lash’s future events, in any city, at any time. Please note that seats in each class are limited and fill up in advance, please allow enough time to make sure the specific class and location of the refresher you would like to attend is still available.

The best part is that Free Refreshers are truly Unlimited! You may come in as many times as you like until you feel confident to proceed with live clients! This concept of giving our students an option to choose how much time they need to spend in class, one day or five days, as well as providing each graduating student a direct line of communication with their instructor while practicing at home, is what has given Pearl Lash an A Rating from the BBB and propelled us to be the Highest Rated Eyelash Extension Academy in Florida based on student reviews!

We always encourage students to do their homework when choosing their advanced education partner. 

⚫ ⚫ ⚫

We are delighted that our students are excelling at their newly acquired profession and appreciate all the positive feedback we receive, Thank you!

⚫ ⚫ ⚫

What our current and former students already know, and new students will soon come to find out is that on top of the high-quality professional education that Pearl Lash provides, we also provide continuous support from our Master Trainer, discounts on all professional products including free shipping, free lifetime refresher training as well as access to advanced classes designed only for Pearl Lash students. Please read our comprehensive FAQ section where you will find answers to most common questions. You can always contact us as well, our phone and online chat operators are available 7 days a week between 9 am and 7 pm or you can drop us an email.

⚫ ⚫ ⚫

For Pearl Lash updated Training Schedule Follow this link.

Eyelash Extension Classroom Training Time - One day vs Multiple days

Classroom Training Time – One day vs Multiple days

Individual Lash Extensions vs Clusters… Why All The Confusion

Individual Lash Extensions vs Clusters – Why All The Confusion?

This topic comes up on every single training event. Our trainers are always faced with the challenge of breaking the bad news to unsuspecting students. Before each training begins, our instructors always try to familiarize themselves with each student by engaging in conversations about their previous experiences with eyelash extensions, being on the customer end of the spectrum of course. 

The answers we continue receiving led us to believe there is a huge misconception that is being marketed by the “less expensive” lash artists. Our marketing department set out to put some sense into this nonsensical misconception. We have come across an amazing article that has been brilliantly put together by our wonderful colleagues and friends from one of London’s top Lash Bars “The Lash Edit”, Moka & Sarah. Please enjoy, I hope this will put an end to the “cheap eyelash extension” craze and educate our future students and fans on the delicate and expensive art of true individual eyelash extension application. 



Ladies we need to talk about cluster eyelash extensions…

We really don’t like to be negative but it’s important we mention this as they are turning into a bit of a health hazard.

Cluster extensions are currently being sold in London as eyelash extensions but they are nothing of the sort, far from it.

A gorgeous client booked with us saying she had eyelash extensions applied but they were far too heavy for her liking and she needed removal and a new set. This happens from time to time and we expected she was wearing a heavy volume set. But as soon as we saw her we realized they were cluster eyelashes. They had been sold to her as £30 eyelash extensions, applied in 30 mins and she was told she could wear them for 5 weeks. If she had worn them for 5 weeks she would have lost most of her natural lashes. She was in a considerable amount of pain and wanted them off as soon as possible.

This client had been wearing them for one week and it took 40 mins to remove as we had to be so cautious as not to cause any further damage. They shed in cm long lumps and there was glue all over her lash line and it was pulling her eyelid taught.

Now this may be a severe case but we are seeing a lot of bald eyelids from clients who have previously been wearing clusters so we thought it was time to report back:

In our humble opinion, they are a really, really bad idea. The reason being they can really damage your eyelashes and in some cases, you may not be aware this has happened or you may think you are wearing eyelash extensions.



They are a fan of eyelashes knotted at the base (not to be confused with volume lashes)



They are applied with glue on top of each other along the lash line. Eyelash extensions/volume lashes are applied to one single eyelash with military precision. Clusters are closer to gluing an entire false eyelash to your eyelid as they are glued together and therefore don’t shed with your human eyelash.


They are far too heavy and they pull on all the eyelashes, overuse could lead to permanent eyelash loss (traction alopecia). Your natural hairs cannot shed at the end of their cycle and your eye becomes a breeding ground for infection. There is a lot of adhesive involved and in many cases, it’s touching the skin and blocking the follicle, so new eyelashes are unable to grow and you risk ingrowing hairs or styes.

Eyelash extension adhesive should be kept away from the skin. It’s not designed to touch it and should be used extremely delicately.


They are cheap, they last and a very dramatic look can be achieved.

However, they are not designed to be worn for longer than a week (we would never recommend wearing them at all given the amount of adhesive required).

The client won’t experience cluster extensions shedding with the natural eyelash (this is crucial to maintaining healthy natural lashes whilst wearing extensions) and therefore thinks they are a longer-lasting, cheaper option.


When clusters are applied, they start to weigh down and pull out your natural lashes whilst creating a matted breeding ground for infection.

The amount of adhesive (we’ve seen cases of very high strength adhesive being used) and skin contact could easily trigger a severe immune response from the body and, once that’s occurred; the client is allergic to eyelash extension adhesive for life.

A recent client had worn cluster eyelash extensions for three months and had about 20% of her natural lashes remaining. Sadly we could not apply individual extensions and we just hope her natural eyelashes can begin to grow back.


If you suspect that the technician may be applying cluster eyelashes then simply ask to look at the extensions they are about to apply. If you see anything like the image of clusters shown above then avoid it. You want to see something that looks like one of the Premium Eyelash Extension Trays from Pearl Lash below:

Or something like the eyelash pods (which are also safe) below:


Volume lashes will also look like this as the fan is made during the application. The technician may show you an individual eyelash, which again, is fine.

If you see any fan like that’s pre-made, or they refuse to show you anything, then seek another professional.

Big Thanks to for the article. Please visit their website and if you are ever in London and need your lashes done, The Lash Edit would be your choice! @mokaandsarah  @thelashedit_london

As always, our talented training staff is always here to answer any questions you might have about the world of eyelash extensions. Please do not hesitate to chime in and share your stories. 

If you are interested in becoming a part of The Pearl Lash Family and would like to register for one of the upcoming training events, please visit our Training Page for all the details.

    Copyright © Pearl Lash Corporation 2018


How Do I Value Myself As An Eyelash Artist

How Do I Value Myself As An Eyelash Artist

How Do I Value Myself As An Eyelash Artist

It has to be one of the most often asked questions in our Eyelash Training Events;  “How do I value myself?” or “What do I charge for my services?” Although a very important question to many of our students who are hoping to start a successful career as an eyelash extension artist, the answer is; it varies, it varies a lot! The question basically equates to “How much does a pair of women’s shoes cost?” 

To obtain a better understanding of what your future earning potential is capable of achieving you have to consider many factors, which we will go through individually.


The number one factor has always been and will always be the Market you are planning on working in. Depending on the country, city, and even neighborhood you plan to operate in could dramatically fluctuate your market cap (what you can realistically charge without overpricing yourself and turning away your clients). Each country and city has its own market value, to know what that value is, one must do their research. Put on your secret shopper hat and find out, on average, what do 5 similarly skilled and located artists/salons charge in your area. Based on what your research shows, you can add or subtract for additional factors (to be covered later in the article) like experience, venue, size, long-term goals. Get those numbers on paper and proceed to the next factor, skill level.


It is hard to put your Skill Level / Experience as the number two factor, let’s think of it as a 1A. Every beauty professional knows one very important aspect, if you are great at what you do, your client will always come back to you. No matter the cost or the commute, once a client finds their favorite professional (this goes for all beauty professionals; nails, hair, makeup, etc.) they will always come back. Your skill and experience level will always drive your earning potential figures. When you are a desired eyelash extension artist, that has proven herself on the market, you can charge the top dollar for that specific market. If you are a beginner with very little experience, your only business card is your low cost, this is how you gain experience and grow your potential client list. Remember, taking additional training, practicing at home and researching various online information avenues is the biggest favor you as a new lash artist can provide for yourself. The final equation is Experience = Top Earning Potential In Your Market.


Another aspect that many of our young students overlook is the Venue they will be presenting to their new clients. The visual decor and overall appearance of your workplace can drastically influence your earning potential. Presenting a clean, bright and inviting working atmosphere to the client is your first impression and could most likely make or break your career. A client can tell a lot about your work habits and dedication level by simply looking at your workspace. By creating that “spa-like” truly unique and relaxing atmosphere for your client, in which they can come, lay down and relax you will be maximizing your potential revenue.

If you are ready to step out of your home and proceed with a brick and mortar facility (whether or not you are looking to open your own salon or be hired by a salon) one thing that could potentially drive your asking price is whether this is a dedicated “Lash Studio” or a “Full-Service Salon or Spa”. A dedicated, Lash Studio boutique can potentially have a higher service price tag due to it’s novelty and attention to one specific craft, in our case Eyelash Extensions. In a full-service salon, there tends to be a laundry list of various services offered. While this does not necessarily mean a lower price tag for your service, it does signal that the key “focus” of the establishment is more generalized and might not pay as much attention to specific service, thus lowering its individual service rate.


The last but not least aspect of your earning potential is very simple; are you in it for a quick buck or a long haul? Becoming a great lash artist (as with any other profession) takes time and dedication. It is quite obvious that you will start your way at the bottom and pending your desire and hard work, make your way to the top. If you truly would like to become a great lash artist, do not focus on the bottom line at the beginning of your career. Focusing on making significant income right off the bat will most likely have a negative effect on your future career. Your goal is your client retention, that is your future income. Focus on perfecting your craft, on learning from your mistakes, on becoming a true professional and before you know it, the desired earnings will be achieved. 


As a reference, we have put together a potential earnings list throughout the world and the US. The earnings are based on the average service cost for Volume Eyelash Extension set done by an experienced lash artist.

Zürich, Switzerland $146 

London, UK $138

Moscow, Russia $50

Honk Kong $250

Rome, Italy $300 

Cape Town, South Africa $70 

New York, NY $350

Los Angeles, CA $375

Miami, FL $300


For more information on a career as an eyelash extension artist please browse our website or contact one of our customer support team specialists who would be more than happy to discuss your career options. Our vast FAQ section is a great tool to obtain answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Good Luck future Lash Artists!

Your Pearl Lash Team!

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