Latest Photo Updates From Pearl Lash – Fall 2018 Edition

Hello Pearl Lash Family!  –  It has been an exciting and very busy September and October. Our newest graduates have been working hard on perfecting their skills and have shared many pictures of their progress. Great job ladies, we cannot be more proud of each and every one of you.

We are continuing to accept applications for the Network of Professional Lash Artists that would be launching by the end of November. We already have several dozen well deserved applicants who have been added to the network and hopefully will have many more. As stated previously, the basic requirements to be on this FREE network are: Valid State Beauty License, Minimum 3 month of practical lashing experience, physical work location (home studio is OK) and either an Instagram page or your own website to showcase your work.



Please follow this link to fill out an online application and submit your information. Be found by thousands of potential clients in your area based on your zip code.


Here are the photos of all our newest Pearl Lash Graduates from the past few month. 

(Click to enlarge)



Network Of Professional Eyelash Artists

Many of our students have been asking for this and our dedicated web team has been working hard behind the scenes to deliver! Our “Pearl Lash Professional Lash Artist Network” page has been live since November, 2018 with hundreds of our Certified and Licensed Lash Artists and their businesses being featured. You can search the network by visiting


What this means for all Lash Artists who have been Certified through Pearl Lash:

1. List your business profile on our website for FREE.

2. Potential clients will be able to search for certified lash artists in their area based on their ZIP code proximity to your physical location.

3. Display your work photos, promote your Instagram account, website and more.


There are no hidden fees or small script here, being a part of the highest-rated Eyelash Extension Academy program has its perks… this is one of them!



In order to qualify, you must match the following criteria:

1. Your current State License Has To Be Valid (Cosmetology, Full Specialty, Esthetics). License is required in all states with an exception of AL,CT,DE,ID,KY,MD,MO,WI.

2. You have at least 3 months of practical experience in the Eyelash Extension field.

3. You have been certified with Pearl Lash in either Classic, Volume or Keratin Lash Lift.

4. You have at least 3 photos of your latest client work that you can share.

5. You have a physical work location with an address that could include: home studio, salon suite, salon/spa or any space suitable for work.

6. You authorize potential clients to contact you, visit your website and view your work pictures as referred through our website.


If you are interested, please click on the “Register” button below to proceed with your registration form. Once the form is submitted, we will review and add your profile to our search network database.


This service is completely optional and if you choose to not be listed, your business will not be added to the network.



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