Pearl Lash New Product Showcase

Pearl Lash Products Showcase – What’s New For 2019

As always, our number one goal in Pearl Lash is to provide the highest quality professional education available on the market

However, as more than one thousand currently certified Pearl Lash Artists already know, we always work hard to bring premium lash supplies and accessories at a discounted cost to each and everyone of them. We never take shortcuts and never use untested sources. Each of the products you will find on our website has been hand selected, hand tested and sourced only from Pearl Lash trusted manufacturers.

Premium supplies do not have to cost a premium when you purchase directly from the source… we are your source! 

This year, Pearl Lash will be focusing on bringing even more quality products to all Lash Artists out there.

In this issue, we would like to showcase some of the products that have already been released, and some that will be hitting our virtual shelves shortly! 

The Lash Lamp

Lash Artists everywhere have embraced this beautifully designed Lash Lamp. Available in both rolling stand version or attached directly to lash bed, this lamp packs a premium quality into an affordable price tag.  Over 1000 units have been sold since our initial launch in November of 2018 and the demand is growing as we are trying to keep the lamps in stock.

Order yours today to see the incredible power, versatility and quality these lamps have to offer. Shipments are arriving in our warehouse every 2-3 weeks so if you encounter a back-order, feel free to place your order and the lamp will ship to you within 2-3 weeks.

The Lash Band

When it comes to proper sanitation and hygiene, Pearl Lash Artists know how important it is to follow the rules. The number one rule of every beauty professional is to avoid contact with client’s skin as much as possible.

Each and every training we conduct, we make sure that our students understand this notion. In order to avoid direct contact with client’s skin during a lash application we provide our students with Lash Bands. The bands are conveniently placed on your client’s forehead during the application allowing you to properly anchor your hands during the application. This setup is very sterile and professional and is recommended for every lash artist. The lash bands are expected to ship on March 15th, 2019. Pre-Order yours today!


Mega Volume Lashes 0.05 mm

When it comes to our highly experienced Lash Artists, going with a thinner diameter lash extension makes all the difference. In order to achieve that perfect, full, mesmerizing Volume set you often see in commercials you must train yourself to work with thinner lashes.

Only an experienced Volume lash artist will tell you that the thinner that lash extension the fuller the set will look, it might sound strange, but it is the cold mink truth. For those reasons, we are introducing our thinnest lash extensions ever, with a diameter of just 0.05 mm. The new thinner mega volume 0.05 mm lashes in C and D curls with lengths from 8 mm through 15 mm will be available on our web store in April of 2019, please stay tuned.

The Lash Mirror by Pearl Lash 


Take the inconvenience of constantly bending over or getting up from your seat to review your eyelash extension set throughout your client application out for good. 

Pearl Lash oversize & extremely lightweight gold-plated mirror is made from 100% surgical steel. 

Wide surface and just the right angle will make it that much easier for any lash artist to check out their work in progress.

Available on March 1st, 2019. Pre-Order Yours Today!

Lash Lift Kit PRO by Pearl Lash



Lash Lift Kit PRO by Pearl Lash Includes all the essentials to perform a flawless Eyelash Lift  for any beauty professional.

Lasting Beauty – Driven by Science Is Not Just a Slogan. Our chemists traveled the world in search of the perfect ingredients while creating this amazing product. Starting with the low odor high concentrate perming solution and combining it with Pearl Lash revolutionary skin healing REVIVE+ Serum, your customer will leave you feeling beautiful.

This is the QUICKEST PERMING FORMULA on the market today. On average, the entire process, from the beginning to the end is about 25 minutes. Save your valuable time while getting amazing resultsProfessional training is available by our world-renowned Master Trainers.

The kit includes:

  • Solution #1 PERM – 5ml bottle
  • Solution #2 FIX – 5ml bottle
  • REVIVE+ Serum – 5ml bottle
  • Lash Cleanser – 5ml bottle
  • Smooth Bonding Adhesive – 10ml bottle
  • Lash Lift Y Brush – 3 pieces
  • Lash Lift Silicone Pads – 5 pairs
  • Mascara Wands – 5 pieces
  • Microfiber Brush – 5 pieces
  • Gel Pads – 5 pairs

Now Available, Shipping from our South Florida Warehouse!

LED Ring Selfie Eyelash Cell Phone Light


This fun little gadget will help you take your eyelash extension client photos to a whole new professional level. Specially designed to clip to any phone and provide a circular pure while LED light to enhance the photo of your work.

Take the pictures of your client’s eyelashes to a whole new level! Enjoy high quality, extra bright selfies as well as eyelash extension closeup pictures. Create professional looking photos for your portfolio or social media posts.

This 36 LED light ring will bring amazing results. Three different brightness levels depending on your natural light requirements. No need to charge it, comes with 2 x AAA batteries. Clips on any cell phone or tablet without obstructing the camera lens.

Comes in White or Black. Both available in stock now!


Please stay tuned throughout the year for more new exciting products that Pearl Lash would be adding to our extensive lineup. 


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