Pearl Lash Global Feature – Lash Lounge by Shagun Gupta – India

Pearl Lash is proud to feature the Lash Lounge by Shagun Gupta in Mumbai, India!

Pearl Lash Global Premier Partner.

This year, with the help of Pearl Lash expertise and one of the India’s top fashion celebrity figures Shagun Gupta, the first ever, high end private lash boutique has been launched in Mumbai, India.  The Lash Lounge is India’s first state of the art Eyelash Extension facility, located right in the heart of Mumbai, country’s largest city and India’s financial capital. 

Professional Eyelash Extension application is new to India’s market. However, with the increasing western and European influence, India’s beauty world is beginning to understand the importance and embrace Eyelash Extension artistry within it’s already highly popular fashion and beauty scene.  With additional locations coming soon, Lash Lounge, with the help and support of Pearl Lash hopes to continue bringing professional Eyelash Extension services to a much larger audience in India. 

In a few words, Shagun Gupta, Lash Lounge’s proud founder explains the benefits behind her latest endeavor:

Lash Lounge is the only lash boutique specializing in natural lash health. We love lashing, our passion is to both educate and empower you, we encourage you to pursue quality over quantity. Lash Lounge will provide you with knowledge, a clean environment, and an affordable lash service. In the comfort of The Lash lounge boutique, you will feel relaxed and not be interrupted.”

“Take a lash nap for free and get your “ me “ time.”

“All Lash Lounge boutique products are high in quality to ensure both that are clients receive the best service as well as to avoid any mishaps, such as allergic reactions or skin damage.”

“We are offering the latest advance European and American techniques using the latest lash products, fine quality glue and tools.”

The Lash Lounge is located at the 2nd Floor, Metro House M G Road, Mumbai India 400 020

Photo courtesy of Lash Lounge, Mumbai India, Copyright 2019

Pearl Lash is extremely proud to be a global partner and one of the main premium product suppliers for the Lash Lounge. Developing a global influence on the Eyelash Extension industry has always been our goal. Empowering women from all over the globe to take that first step and achieve success in their professional careers is truly an incredible feeling that we hope to be sharing with many more women entrepreneurs in USA as well as all over the world. 

Pearl Lash is extremely proud to have helped hundreds for women entrepreneurs launch successful careers as Eyelash Extension Artists. If you are looking for a great career and have a passion for beauty, let Pearl Lash guide you and inspire you to become your own business owner and a professional Eyelash Extension Artist. We have been the highest rated Eyelash Extension Academy in the SE United States for three years in a row! This success can only be attributed to several key ingredients; passion for what we love, unsurpassed attention to detail, personal approach to each and every student or customer and utilization of only Premium Professional Eyelash Supplies!

Join Pearl Lash and let us help you grow your dreams into reality!



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