New Classic 0.12 Eyelash Extensions Now In Stock!

New Classic 0.12 Eyelash Extensions Now In Stock!

We would like to announce that a new specially engineered Classic eyelash extensions have hit our warehouse shelves. The premium quality true black synthetic mink eyelash extensions are slightly thicker and easier to work with for the less experienced eyelash technicians than our standard 0.10mm extensions. Nonetheless, our new 0.12mm Classic eyelash extensions still preserve that flawless natural Classic look that all strive for.

New 0.12 Classic eyelash extensions are available in various curves and lengths:

C-curl Mix Tray – 7 – 9mm

C-curl Mix Tray – 10 – 12mm

C-curl Mix Tray – 13 – 15mm

C-curl Mix Tray – 8 – 15mm

D-curl Mix Tray – 7 – 9mm

D-curl Mix Tray – 10 – 12mm

D-curl Mix Tray – 13 – 15mm

D-curl Mix Tray – 8 – 15mm

Student discount applies for all former and current students as it does to all other Pearl Lash products and accessories. Order yours today and take advantage of our flat rate $5.99 two-day shipping anywhere in the continental United States. 

Truly yours, Pearl Lash Team!

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