The Lashes Are Coming… The Lashes Are Coming!

Hello Pearl Lash Family! 

We are excited to announce a brand new lines of Pearl Lash Eyelash Extensions NOW IN STOCK on our online store. Browse over 30 varieties of various curls, sizes and lengths of our premium quality hand selected Mink eyelashes.

Please visit our shop section on the website by clicking on this link. All eyelash trays are strategically assembled in a way to combine most common combination sizes and length to avoid waste that is usually associated with single length trays. You will find the perfect combination of length assortment to suit  you individual needs. Please do not forget to use your student discount code to take advantage of special pricing, because after all you are our best students and we value your business!



In addition to the eyelash extensions, we have just unveiled our private line of C-Type Hooked Russian Volume Tweezers that will take your lash game to another level. This specially selected C-Type tweezers are ideal to help create beautiful volume fans with little effort. But beware, once you get hooked using those tweezers, you will never want to go back to any other tweezers, yes,  pun was intended. 


Enjoy the rest of your weekend and DO NOT FORGET to wish all the great Dad’s out there a very happy Father’s Day!

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