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How To Join Your Online Training.

It is very easy to use our Online Training System.

You can login from your Windows or Mac Computer, use a Chrome browser to join online, or even join using your iOS, Android or Windows Phone device.
It is highly recommended to use your Windows or Mac home computer. You will have a larger screen and easier controls during the Training session.


Step 1: Your Online Account E-mail Invitation.

  • You will receive an email meeting invitation (within 24 hours after you registered for the training) from: “Join a team account for LogMeIn Products”. The body of your email will look something like look very similar to the picture below.
  • Please click on “Get Started” button below.


  • Your web browser will open with the following window (see below)
  • Please enter your first and last name (if they will not already be populated) and create a password (please write down your password).
  • Then click on “Continue”

  • If a page asking “Choose Your Mic & Speakers” (see below) comes on, please choose the default options that are already pre-selected by your operating system. Then click “Save and Continue”.


  • Your Online Training account has now been created. You will be taken to your online meeting account page (see below).


You are now done with your registration! No further actions are needed until the day of your scheduled Online Training Class. You may close the browser.



Step 2: Logging In To Your Online Training The Day Of Your Training.

  • You will receive an Meeting invitation email for your Online Training about 24 hours before you class is scheduled to begin.
  • Please be ready to login at least 15 minutes prior to your class.
  • Your Meeting Invitation will look like this (see below)

  • Please click on the top link “https://global.gotomeeting………”. It is preferred to use the Chrome browser, if you do not have one, you can click on the second link to download it. You will also be given an option to download “Go To Meeting” App on your computer instead of using your browser. Either option will work identically.
  • If a system will ask you whether you would like to use your computer microphone or a cell phone for audio communication, please make sure to choose your computer audio.


  • A new meeting window will open, and look like this (see below)

  • You might see a pop up in the top left corner asking “Use your camera or Used your microphone”, if you do, please click “Allow”
  • Your name will appear right below the camera box.
  • You need to turn both the “Mic” and “Camera” to the Green/On position (if they are not turned on at this point)
  • Proceed to click “Ok, I’m Ready” and your Online Training will start.



Step 3: How To Interact During Your Online Training.


Know Who Is Speaking:

  • The top left corner of your screen will indicate the name of the person currently speaking.
  • When you are speaking, meeting attendees will see your name.


Interact With Instructor & Class:

  • You can mute yourself when you’re not speaking.  Please check or uncheck the “Mute” button at the bottom of your screen at any time during the Training.
  • Make sure your “Camera” icon on the bottom of the screen is on/green throughout the class. 
  • You may pause and resume your webcam by clicking the “Camera” icon.
  • If you are muted or don’t want to interrupt the speaker, you can use the chat feature to communicate with the group, the Master Trainer or any individual attendee.
  • If you are having trouble at any time during the class, an online web support assistant from Pearl Lash will be present during the Online Training to assist. Simply send your questions to “Web Support” attendee via chat.


Once The Training Is Finished

  • When the Training is complete, click the “End Meeting” button.


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