I Want To Become An Eyelash Extension Artist! How Do I Get Started?

A Beginner’s Guide To Eyelash Extensions

The question of “How to get started” is often asked by many individuals interested in getting into the field of eyelash artistry.

Admittedly, it could be an overwhelming process, trying to gather or necessary information is scattered all over the internet. Given that the US eyelash extension industry is still in its early stages, there are not many reliable sources to reach out to and find your answers.

Luckily, in addition to our FAQ section, we have teamed up with several of our top eyelash extension trainers and veteran artists to put together what we like to call “A Beginner’s Guide To Eyelash Extensions”.

Here is a list of common topics every inspiring artist needs to understand.


How do I get started in the field of eyelash extension artistry?Β 

Before we begin this conversation, we would like for each and everyone to understand that each state has its own regulations when it comes to eyelash extension application.

In this article, being a Florida based company, we will explain the requirements for the state of Florida. Any individual looking to professionally work as an eyelash extension artist must obtain one of the following state licenses: Esthetician, Cosmetologist, Full Specialist, Registered Nurse or any other Professional Medical License. Please note that you can complete our program and become Certified before you obtain your license as long as you acknowledge that you are aware of the state licensing regulations during registration.

In order to obtain one of the aforementioned licenses, one must sign up and complete a required program in one of Florida’s accredited beauty schools. If spending thousands of dollars in not on your to-do list, here is a list of accredited Community Colleges and Trade Schools in Florida and Georgia that offer a Facialist (Esthetician) programs for a fraction of that cost and as quickly as 8-12 weeks:

College NameLocation
Manatee Technical College (MTC)Bradenton, FL
Palm Beach State College (PBSC)Lake Worth, FL
Belle Glades, FL
Florida Technical College (FTC)Kissimmee, FL
Florida State College at JacksonvilleJacksonville, FL
First Coast Technical CollegeSt. Augustine, FL
Sheridan Technical CollegeHollywood, FL
Miami Dade Technical College (TEC)Miami, FL
Southwest Miami Senior High SchoolMiami, FL
Robert Morgan Educational CenterMiami, FL
Pensacola State CollegePensacola, FL
Eastern Florida State CollegeCocoa, FL
Florida Gateway College (FGC)Lake City, FL
Lorenzo Walker Technical College (LWTC)Naples, FL
Gulf Coast Institute of CareersPensacola, FL
Pinellas Technical College (PCSB)St. Petersburg, FL
Orange Technical CollegeWinter Garden, FL
Dayton CollegeOrmond Beach, FL
Lake Technical CollegeEustis, FL
Palm Coast AcademySarasota, FL
North Florida Cosmetology InstituteTallahassee, FL
Artistic Nails and Beauty AcademyTampa, FL
Flagler Technical InstitutePalm Coast, FL
Lanier Technical CollegeOakwood, GA
West Georgia Technical CollegeCarrollton, GA
Marchman Technical CollegeNew Port Richey, FL
Lorenzo Walker Technical CollegeNaples, FL
Embelleze Beauty SchoolPompano Beach, FL
Marion Technical CollegeOcala, FL
Cape Coral Technical CollegeCape Coral, FL
South Dade Technical CollegeMiami, FL
Lively Technical CollegeTallahassee, FL
RiverOak Technical CollegeLive Oak, FL
Charlotte Technical CollegePort Charlotte, FL

Please note that the state of Florida does not require a special eyelash extension license. Simply by holding one of the 3 licenses mentioned above you are legally allowed to work as a professional eyelash extension artist. We have students from neighboring states like Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana which has its own set of regulations. Please click on the state to be redirected to its respected department of regulation page.

That being said, simply being legally allowed to practice eyelash extension artistry does not make you an eyelash extension artist.

This equates to buying a car and not knowing how to drive it. This is where Pearl Lash, an eyelash extension training academy comes into play. I would like to point out that an individual is allowed to take eyelash extension training while not being licensed by the state.

Pearl Lash offers this option to individuals who might not be 100% convinced that eyelash extension artistry is something they definitely would like to pursue. Β This gives each person a chance to attend an eyelash extension training and barring a negative outcome be able to walk away with just a $475 loss.

Compare that to an average cost of obtaining a license from a beauty school of anywhere between $3,000 – $15,000 and that sounds like a drop in the bucket. If you attend and fall in love with the craft along with the hefty profits it can put in your pocket you can always proceed and obtain your state-regulated license. This Simplyhired.com chart will put some perspective on the possibilities.

What are some reasons that I might not like eyelash extension artistry?

The most common reason why some students decide that eyelash extensions are not to their liking is health. Just like many other fields in the beauty industry, the eyelash extension application is very strenuous and laborious. Poor eyesight, inability to see up-close is the biggest culprit to eyelash extension artists. Not everyone understands how much strain you put your eyes through as a technician. Being able to concentrate and strain your vision for hours during your workday is something each aspiring artist must definitely consider.

Please note, there are no restrictions on wearing glasses or contacts therefore if that makes you more comfortable, please do wear them.

Posture is another major part of the equation. We were all taught as children to watch our posture, do not arch our backs, keep our back straight. This notion comes into play big time in the world of eyelash extension artistry. It is of utmost importance to have a proper sitting posture, back straight, lets and arts in the proper positions in order to prolong your career. Slumping and not following those rules (your instructor will show you the proper positioning) will bring a quick end to your promising career.


OK, I have checked all the above and ready to roll, which class do I need to enroll in?

You are now ready to sign up and attend the training.

There are two levels of training that Pearl Lash provides;

Level 1 is Classic training which is designed for beginners, (we will cover level 2 further down) individuals who have never held eyelash extension tweezers in their hands. This course will take you by the hand and guide you from the very beginning of what eyelash extension artistry is all the way through pre-booking your clients next appointment. After you finish this class, you will have all the knowledge to be able to perform a basic, classic eyelash extension set. Please note, that just like with any other craft, practice is of utmost importance. Please go home and practice, practice and then practice some more before proceeding to work on an actual client. Generally, it is recommended to practice for at least several weeks. After that period you will feel more confident and secure to start applying your skills in the real world.

If you already have some experience with eyelash extensions, either already working professionally or as a hobby, you might be ready for Level 2 Volume training. This advanced course takes you knowledge and experience to the next level of eyelash application, three-dimensional application. After completing the Volume class, our students receive the knowledge and expertise to perform the most sought after eyelash style currently on the market. Many salons and spa often say that they offer Volume eyelash extensions, but few actually perform it in the true fashion that Pearl Lash teaches.

I have signed up, impatiently waiting for the class, anything else I should know?

Congratulations on taking this very important and profitable step in your career. As you are waiting for your class date to arrive please use this checklist to make sure you are ready for the class:

1. You should have received a welcome email with a copy of your receipt. This email is important as it will provide full instructions like the date and time of your class, venue address, teacher name, and additional valuable information. The email will also contain the NDA form for you to review, do not print or sign it just yet, you will be provided a copy in class to do so.

2. Find your model! If you have read our blog post on mannequin vs live model training you will understand how important it is to practice on a live human being instead of on a mannequin head. We strongly encourage you to find a friend, co-worker or a family member to come to class (please note that they will only be needed the 2nd part of the class from 2 pm-6 pm) to be your model for the hands-on portion of the class. If you cannot find one, please let the registration manager know in advance and we will do our best to help you find one. If all fails, we do have mannequin heads as your last resort option, however, it is greatly discouraged.

3. All classroom supplies are provided for your training and are already covered by your registration fee. The only personal belongings that we encourage you to bring are your glasses or contacts (if needed) and since we try to keep out training room at around 72 degrees, please take an extra piece of clothing just in case (you know yourself better).

4. Starter kits are optional and are available for sale on our website. Please note that you do not need your kit for the class since all classroom supplies are provided. If you would like to go home and continue to practice, the kit would have everything needed for you to get started. If you are interested in a kit, we strongly encourage you to purchase one along with your training registration online. If you did not purchase one online, our trainers usually have several extra kits for sale during training, but the availability is limited.

5. Call your model the day before training to confirm that she (or he) did not forget about their commitment.

6. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your class start as each class starts promptly at 9:00 am.

7. Enjoy! The rest of the information and instructions will be provided by your instructor.

Hope this summary proves to be a valuable tool for all our future students. As always, we are available via various forms of communication (email, phone, chat, Facebook, Instagram) and are willing to answer any additional questions you might have. You can always visit our blog section for additional articles that are very useful.


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