How Do I Value Myself As An Eyelash Artist

How Do I Value Myself As An Eyelash Artist

How Do I Value Myself As An Eyelash Artist

It has to be one of the most often asked questions in our Eyelash Training Events;  “How do I value myself?” or “What do I charge for my services?” Although a very important question to many of our students who are hoping to start a successful career as an eyelash extension artist, the answer is; it varies, it varies a lot! The question basically equates to “How much does a pair of women’s shoes cost?” 

To obtain a better understanding of what your future earning potential is capable of achieving you have to consider many factors, which we will go through individually.


The number one factor has always been and will always be the Market you are planning on working in. Depending on the country, city, and even neighborhood you plan to operate in could dramatically fluctuate your market cap (what you can realistically charge without overpricing yourself and turning away your clients). Each country and city has its own market value, to know what that value is, one must do their research. Put on your secret shopper hat and find out, on average, what do 5 similarly skilled and located artists/salons charge in your area. Based on what your research shows, you can add or subtract for additional factors (to be covered later in the article) like experience, venue, size, long-term goals. Get those numbers on paper and proceed to the next factor, skill level.


It is hard to put your Skill Level / Experience as the number two factor, let’s think of it as a 1A. Every beauty professional knows one very important aspect, if you are great at what you do, your client will always come back to you. No matter the cost or the commute, once a client finds their favorite professional (this goes for all beauty professionals; nails, hair, makeup, etc.) they will always come back. Your skill and experience level will always drive your earning potential figures. When you are a desired eyelash extension artist, that has proven herself on the market, you can charge the top dollar for that specific market. If you are a beginner with very little experience, your only business card is your low cost, this is how you gain experience and grow your potential client list. Remember, taking additional training, practicing at home and researching various online information avenues is the biggest favor you as a new lash artist can provide for yourself. The final equation is Experience = Top Earning Potential In Your Market.


Another aspect that many of our young students overlook is the Venue they will be presenting to their new clients. The visual decor and overall appearance of your workplace can drastically influence your earning potential. Presenting a clean, bright and inviting working atmosphere to the client is your first impression and could most likely make or break your career. A client can tell a lot about your work habits and dedication level by simply looking at your workspace. By creating that “spa-like” truly unique and relaxing atmosphere for your client, in which they can come, lay down and relax you will be maximizing your potential revenue.

If you are ready to step out of your home and proceed with a brick and mortar facility (whether or not you are looking to open your own salon or be hired by a salon) one thing that could potentially drive your asking price is whether this is a dedicated “Lash Studio” or a “Full-Service Salon or Spa”. A dedicated, Lash Studio boutique can potentially have a higher service price tag due to it’s novelty and attention to one specific craft, in our case Eyelash Extensions. In a full-service salon, there tends to be a laundry list of various services offered. While this does not necessarily mean a lower price tag for your service, it does signal that the key “focus” of the establishment is more generalized and might not pay as much attention to specific service, thus lowering its individual service rate.


The last but not least aspect of your earning potential is very simple; are you in it for a quick buck or a long haul? Becoming a great lash artist (as with any other profession) takes time and dedication. It is quite obvious that you will start your way at the bottom and pending your desire and hard work, make your way to the top. If you truly would like to become a great lash artist, do not focus on the bottom line at the beginning of your career. Focusing on making significant income right off the bat will most likely have a negative effect on your future career. Your goal is your client retention, that is your future income. Focus on perfecting your craft, on learning from your mistakes, on becoming a true professional and before you know it, the desired earnings will be achieved. 


As a reference, we have put together a potential earnings list throughout the world and the US. The earnings are based on the average service cost for Volume Eyelash Extension set done by an experienced lash artist.

Zürich, Switzerland $146 

London, UK $138

Moscow, Russia $50

Honk Kong $250

Rome, Italy $300 

Cape Town, South Africa $70 

New York, NY $350

Los Angeles, CA $375

Miami, FL $300


For more information on a career as an eyelash extension artist please browse our website or contact one of our customer support team specialists who would be more than happy to discuss your career options. Our vast FAQ section is a great tool to obtain answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Good Luck future Lash Artists!

Your Pearl Lash Team!

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