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Today, I wanted to briefly touch on a subject that is key to many of our newly certified eyelash extension artists as well as individuals contemplating their next career move. It is quite obvious that most of us consider a potential income that a career would be able to bring before making their decision. 


Eyelash Extension Artist Working


Eyelash Extension industry has been rapidly growing in the US over the past decade and is still on a sharp incline at the moment. Still being one of the youngest professional beauty services out there, many of us do not realize the income potential possibilities that this profession brings to the table. Not just to the outside world, many of the young startups still do not know how much they should charge for their services. This industry is so new that the pricing bar or pricing standards have not yet been set and taking into consideration the popularity and hype, the bar can just continue to go up.


Many beauty professions do not realize the type of income potential they could incur upon becoming a certified eyelash extension artist. Below is a compiled chart of average salon/spa service costs from four major cities in Florida.


Average Cost of Eyelash Extension Services


Based on the above averages, a standard Classic set of eyelash extensions could bring an artist a potential income of $225 (based on average of 2-1/2 hours of work) and a set of Volume eyelash extensions could bring $350 (based on average of 3 hours of work). When you do the math, just by servicing a couple of clients per day, an experienced lash artist can easily earn a yearly income that will push into 6 digits*. 


Again, we would like to point out that those numbers are just for reference. Each artist needs to do their homework, compare similar services in their particular area as well as analyze the competitiveness of their home market. Experience also plays a big factor and the newly graduated artists will need some time and practice to build up their service quality to be on par or better than their competitors. 

We hope that this brief tutorial is helpful for young artists as well as the future potential students to weigh their options in the beauty industry and make a calculated decision. 



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* working 5 days a week for 52 weeks as gross income
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