Eyelash Extension Training Models List – No Mannequins!

We at Pearl Lash Extensions pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. It has been known for ages that giving each customer a level of service above their expectations is an essential strategy for any business. Eyelash Extension training should not be an exception, and we always strive for a 5-star experience.

As many of you know, each of our training classes consists of 2 main segments. The first segment is a 4-hour long verbal techniques portion where our trainer walks each of the students through the entire client experience starting with medical consultation and ending with pre-booking the next appointment recommendations.

While both segments of the class are very important, the hands-on portion is a critical time for the student to grab the bull by the horns (or so to speak). The hands-on portion is the first time that many of our students get to put forth their newly developed technical skills on a real person. It is a challenging and exciting time that creates the artist to be.  The session is closely monitored by our instructor while she devotes portions of her time to each individual student guiding them through their first eyelash extension set.

This brings me to the main objective of this article.  Many of our competitors start their hands-on training by implementing mannequin heads for their students. While this is a much easier option both from logistical as well as a liability point of view it really takes away the main focus and goal that a student is trying to achieve. We, at Pearl Lash Extensions, strongly discourage any of our students from using a mannequin head for our in-class hands-on session. The feel of your hands on a forehead of a living, breathing, twitching, sneezing, snoring (I can go on) person is what we would like each of our students to experience and a rubber mannequin head will not do the trick. In our practice, working on a person increases student’s awareness and prepares them for the real world experience much better than even the best, highest quality mannequin head.

Upon registration, each of our students receives clear instructions to arrange their own models for each training. While most of our students succeed (who would say NO to a free set of eyelash extensions) in finding a model, some are unable to due to very reasonable factors such as driving in from a different city to attend the training or simply having someone cancel on them last minute. To avoid a situation where are would be FORCED to have a student practice on a mannequin head (we do have them as the “worst-case scenario option”)we would like to use this article and its comments list a tool.

While we strongly suggest each registering student to notify us as far in advance as possible if they are unable to find a model. This article would be another venue where they can post a comment requesting the services of a model.

For all the models out there, please do the same. Please post your name and contact info in the comments section of this article to put yourself on a waiting list. Once a model spot becomes available, we will try to match you up with a student in need of a model. Please note, a model is only needed for the 2nd portion of the class which is generally from 2 pm-6 pm.

Currently, we have a student attending our Tampa/Clearwater Classic Eyelash Extension class in need of a model. If anyone is interested in being a model for our August 5th class in Clearwater, FL and is available between the hours of 2 pm and 6 pm please post your comment or contact us directly.

Thank you again for your time. Your friends at Pearl Lash Extensions

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