Registered Nurses & Medical Professionals Are Welcome

Registered Nurses & Medical Professionals Are Welcome!

Registered Nurses & Medical Professionals Are Welcome

It might come as a surprise for many… however Pearl Lash has Certified many RNs (Registered Nurses) as well as various other medical professionals to become Eyelash Extension Artists.

Contrary to the misinformation floating around the internet, Registered Nurses and All Medically Licensed Professionals ARE ALLOWED to legally work as an Eyelash Extension artist in the state of Florida.

 To fully comprehend this career shift, please look no further than the current average salary trends for nurses.

When you consider the amount of work and time away from family an average RN has to deal with, no wonder we are currently having a significant career shift from the medical field into the beauty industry. Over 80% of Pearl Lash Certified Lash Artists work independently, many as business owners others from their home studios. With top tier earners jumping north of the six-digit yearly income, it makes all the sense in the world.


The significant salary range for Eyelash Extension Artists is due to a few simple yet extremely important factors:

1. Where did the Lash Artist receive their training.

2. How devoted the Lash Artist is to his/her career.

3. Are they working in a salon (bottom 10-25%) or are they independent (Top 25-10%)

The good news, based on information shared by many of our graduates, to reach that top 25% or even the top 10% earners tier is easier than one might think. If you look at the simple factors listed above (or more detailed instructions) you see that it is very important to receive proper training. Please understand that online courses, YouTube videos, friend teaching a friend, Lash Artist teaching on the side will NOT result in a successful career. It has been tried and tested by many with very minimal success and will almost certainly greatly limit your income potential. Receiving proper Professional Eyelash Extension education from an accredited and licensed academy with highly experienced Master Trainers is the most important step you have to take. Please make sure the training academy you choose offers complimentary refreshers and continuous education opportunities. This will help you down the road when you would like to come in and refresh your knowledge, receive updated information about current trends to stay on top. Your Eyelash Extension Certification Academy should always be there for you, not only for the training process, it is your career-long partner. 

Once a Lash Artist has completed their Eyelash Extension Training and is professionally Certified, it is now time to put in the work. Practice, practice, practice. The more time you are willing to put into perfecting your skills, the more you are going to differentiate yourself from your competition. Devotion to your new career will come with a reward, we have seen hundreds of our students achieve their financial goal, simply by putting in the hard work.

If you are interested in starting a career as an Eyelash Extension Artist, please contact one of our knowledgeable staff members. We will be happy to assist you with any questions you might have. You may also browse our extensive FAQ section where you will find answers to most commonly asked questions. 

Pearl Lash is proud to be the Highest Rated Eyelash Extension Training Academy in the State of Florida for the third year in a row. Our entire team worked hard to earn the trust of our students and achieve accreditation from the Better Business Bureau as an exceptional Florida based business.

Registered Nurses & Medical Professionals Are Welcome!

Technical Colleges Are Your Gateway To A Beauty License

Technical Colleges Are Your Gateway To A Beauty License


Do not believe the beauty school myth, you CAN become a licensed Esthetician through one of many Technical Colleges in Florida and Georgia. Once you complete an Eyelash Extension Certification Program with a credible Academy like Pearl Lash AND obtain an Esthetician (also called Facialist) license from the institutions listed below… you are on your way!


Technical Colleges Are Your Gateway To A Beauty License

An Esthetician license will also allow you to perform Facials, Waxing, Makeup and Body Treatments


Unless you truly desire to spend an upwards of $15k* on a beauty school to start a career in the beauty industry we have an option for you.

If you live in the state of Florida or Georgia (for other states, please contact your local board of Cosmetology) and would like to become a professional Eyelash Extension Artist; work at a Salon or your own private Suite you need to complete this two-step process (could be done in any order):

Obtain your Esthetician (Facialist) License from a state-regulated institution.

Obtain your Eyelash Extension Certification from an accredited Eyelash Extension Academy, like Pearl Lash 

Here is the list of state-regulated Technical Colleges in Florida and Georgia where you can obtain your Esthetician (Facialist) license as quickly as 8-12 weeks and here comes the best part… the cost is generally between $800 – $1,300 depending on the location! Please click on any of the Technical Colleges below to read about the program. We are not affiliated with any of these programs however we have had students who attended them and were grateful for the advice.

Technical Colleges Are Your Gateway To A Beauty License

Indian River State College (IRSC) – Orlando, FL

Manatee Technical College (MTC) – Bradenton, FL

Palm Beach State College (PBSC) – Lake Worth, FL

Lanier Technical College (LTC) – Oakwood, GA

Florida Technical College (FTC) – Multiple Locations in Florida

Florida State College at Jacksonville – Jacksonville, FL

First Coast Technical College – Saint Augustine, FL

Sheridan Technical College – Hollywood, FL

West Georgia Technical College – Multiple Locations in Georgia

Miami Dade Technical College TEC – Miami, FL

Southwest Miami Senior High School – Miami, FL

Robert Morgan Educational Center – Miami, FL

Pensacola State College – Pensacola, FL

Pensacola State College – Pensacola, FL

Eastern Florida State College – Cocoa, FL

Florida Gateway College – Lake City, FL

Lorenzo Walker Technical College – Naples, FL

Gulf Coast Institute of Careers – Pensacola, FL


So there you have it. If you are ready to take the next step in your professional career, make upwards of six figures and enjoy the flexibility of working on your own schedule we have you covered. Become a certified Eyelash Extension Artist today by completing The Pearl Lash Certification Program in one of our 5 Florida and Georgia locations. Once you are done, complete the 8-12 week program in one of the above-listed institutions to receive your license. 


Pearl Lash is the only BBB accredited A-Rated Eyelash Extension Academy in the state of Florida. We are the highest-rated Florida based Eyelash Academy for the second year in a row based on our student’s reviews.


Technical Colleges Are Your Gateway To A Beauty License

*according to
Technical Colleges Are Your Gateway To A Beauty License

Latest Photo Updates From Pearl Lash – Fall 2018 Edition

Hello Pearl Lash Family!  –  It has been an exciting and very busy September and October. Our newest graduates have been working hard on perfecting their skills and have shared many pictures of their progress. Great job ladies, we cannot be more proud of each and every one of you.

We are continuing to accept applications for the Network of Professional Lash Artists that would be launching by the end of November. We already have several dozen well deserved applicants who have been added to the network and hopefully will have many more. As stated previously, the basic requirements to be on this FREE network are: Valid State Beauty License, Minimum 3 month of practical lashing experience, physical work location (home studio is OK) and either an Instagram page or your own website to showcase your work.



Please follow this link to fill out an online application and submit your information. Be found by thousands of potential clients in your area based on your zip code.


Here are the photos of all our newest Pearl Lash Graduates from the past few month. 

(Click to enlarge)



Network Of Professional Eyelash Artists

Pearl Lash Certified Lash Artists,  We have some exciting news to share!

Many of our students have been asking for this and our dedicated web team has been working hard behind the scenes to deliver! Our “Pearl Lash Professional Lash Artist Network” page will go live on in November 2018.


What this means for all Lash Artists who have been Certified through Pearl Lash:

1. List your business profile on our website for FREE.

2. Potential clients will be able to search for certified lash artists in their area based on their ZIP code proximity to your physical location.

3. Display your work photos, promote your Instagram account, website and more.


There are no hidden fees or small script here, being a part of the highest-rated Eyelash Extension Academy program has its perks… this is one of them!



In order to qualify, you must match the following criteria:

1. Your current State License Has To Be Valid (Cosmetology, Full Specialty, Esthetics). License is required in all states with an exception of AL,CT,DE,ID,KY,MD,MO,WI.

2. You have at least 3 months of practical experience in the Eyelash Extension field.

3. You have been certified with Pearl Lash in either Classic, Volume or Keratin Lash Lift.

4. You have at least 3 photos of your latest client work that you can share.

5. You have a physical work location with an address that could include: home studio, salon suite, salon/spa or any space suitable for work.

6. You authorize potential clients to contact you, visit your website and view your work pictures as referred through our website.


If you are interested, please click on the “Register” button below to proceed with your registration form. Once the form is submitted, we will review and add your profile to our search network database.



Once the “Lash Artist Search Near Me Network” is launched in November, you, along with thousands of your potential customers will be able to find your listing under a searchable database on   

This service is completely optional and if you choose to not be listed, your business will not be added to the network.



Trainer Experience – Who is REALLY Teaching You?

Who is REALLY Teaching You?

Ask The Right Questions Before Making That Commitment!

In today’s world of large corporations, flashy advertising headlines and extended command chains, we are often left with a feeling of neglect and a complete lack of personal touch. Are we still being treated as individuals or just being stamped in an assembly line fashion?

What we miss is that personal approach that existed when “mom and pop” shops used to dominate mainstream America. The personal attention, the individual approach of the owner, truly caring about the results as the “flashy advertising headlines” of the past were word of mouth referrals!

When it comes to eyelash extension training, it is no different.

 Large flashy training corporations devour our attention around every corner of the web, print media and trade shows. The strategy is simple, allow their brand name to lure in their customers. But Wait… are you truly getting the actual brand name training experience by paying the higher price tag? 

The fact is that most “large brand” training companies conduct their trainings through independent brand ambassadors!  On average, a training ambassador conducting the actual training found through the brand name website has less than a year of actual training experience, in some cases, as little as several months. Many trainings are conducted for the main purpose of selling products and not focusing on great education.

Who is your lash extension trainer


Here are the questions you should always ask when researching your lash trainer:

Who will be teaching the class I am going to be enrolled in? Please provide me with their name, years of training experience and any reviews/feedback they have on that trainer. Remember you need this information on that trainer, not the brand or company that the trainer is working under?

Will my supplies for the hands-on portion of the class be provided free of charge or am I required to purchase a Starter Kit in order to work in class?

Will I able to communicate with my instructor after the training is complete in case I have followup questions or need some troubleshooting advice?

 Can I come in to get additional help or schedule a refresher class if needed? Will the refresher class be free or not?

Will I be receiving discounts on my supplies? How fast is the shipping time? How much do you charge for shipping?

Is your training company accredited with the BBB


What makes Pearl Lash Unique:

Each of our Training Events is conducted by our Master Trainer with 13 years of experience teaching in Russia and the United States. Pearl Lash does not have independent brand ambassadors. You will personally meet Katherine and get a chance to receive an individual recommendation with learning tips specific to your style. 

We are based in Florida and conduct all our training seminars in Florida and Georgia. All products are specially formulated for the hot, humid Florida climate to maximize retention.

All products ship from two Pearl Lash Florida warehouses and reach our students on average within 2-3 business days. On top of that, our students NEVER pay for shipping for your supplies and receive an additional product discount off our website list prices.

Upon completing a class, each student has an option for unlimited complimentary refresher classes.

A direct line of communication with our Master Trainer is always open to all our students. This includes phone/text/email communication in regard to any follow-up questions that arise as our students begin perfecting their skills at home. 

All classroom supplies are provided for our students free of charge. We do not require our students to purchase any products or Starter Kits, those are available to purchase only if a student decides to proceed with Pearl Lash products. We focus on proper, professional training first and foremost, not selling our products!

Pearl Lash is a BBB accredited business with an excellent rating.

We always encourage our prospective students to do their research when choosing their training partner. We hope that our guide will help you ask the right questions and make the right decision for you. 


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Who is your lash extension trainer


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