Demystifying Eyelash Extensions: Regular Volume vs. Russian Volume

Demystifying Eyelash Extensions: Regular Volume vs. Russian Volume



Eyelash extensions have taken the beauty world by storm, offering a convenient way to achieve longer, fuller lashes. If you’ve delved into the realm of eyelash extensions, you’ve probably come across terms like “Regular Volume” and “Russian Volume.” But what exactly do these terms mean, and what’s the difference between them?


Russian Volume


Russian Volume Eyelash Extension application training Pearl Lash



Russian Volume lashes started in Russia and have gained immense popularity, particularly in Eastern Europe. They are known for creating a dense, feathery effect that results in a striking and glamorous appearance, similar to a strip lash effect. This technique involves attaching 2 or more short extensions to a single natural lash. The extensions in this application are only 1-3 mm longer than the natural lash, which creates a thicker but shorter look when compared to the standard Volume application.Β 



Regular Volume


Regular Volume Eyelash Extension application training Pearl Lash


On the other hand, Regular Volume offers a more subtle type of enhancement. With this technique, anywhere between 2 to 5 extensions can be attached to each natural lash. The main difference from the Russian Volume is the length of the extensions. With regular Volume, the length could be as much as 5-10 mm longer than Russian Volume. While not as thick, regular Volume extensions provide a more natural look while still enhancing and elongating the natural lashes.



Key Differences Between Regular Volume and Russian Volume


Volume Level: The most apparent difference is the level of thickness. Regular Volume provides a subtle thickness enhancement suitable for everyday wear. Russian Volume delivers a dramatic and high-impact thick look, perfect for special occasions or when you want to make a bold fashion statement.

Texture: Russian Volume extensions maintain a more uniform, structured appearance. Regular Volume creates a textured, feathery uneven effect.

Density: Russian Volume lashes result in a significantly denser lash line, making your eyes the center of attention.

Popularity: Russian Volume is especially popular in Eastern Europe, where it has become a symbol of glamorous, runway-ready lashes. Regular Volume is popular throughout the entire world.


The Choice Is Yours


Whether you opt for Regular Volume or Russian Volume lashes depends on your personal style, preferences, and the occasion. Regular Volume is perfect for those who desire a subtle enhancement for their daily routine. Russian Volume, with its striking, glamorous effect and uniform lash line, is the go-to choice when you want to stand out and embrace the glamour of European runways.

Eyelash extensions offer a world of possibilities, and the choice between Regular Volume and Russian Volume is just the beginning. Regardless of your decision, beautifully applied eyelash extensions can enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence. So, go ahead and make your lashes the star of the show – the world is your stage!


Regular Volume Eyelash Extension application training Pearl Lash

Demystifying Eyelash Extensions: Regular Volume vs. Russian Volume

Milwaukee, Get Ready for Glam: Pearl Lash Brings Top-Rated Lash Extension Education to Your Doorstep

Our New Location Eyelash Extension Training Academy Milwaukee WI


Milwaukee, WI Classic Eyelash Extension Training Academy by Pearl Lash


Milwaukee, Get Ready for Glam: Pearl Lash Brings Top-Notch Lash Education to Your Doorstep


Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of eyelash extensions? Well, Milwaukee, hold onto your mascara wands because Pearl Lash is coming to town! 🌟

For almost eight years, Pearl Lash has been synonymous with success and excellence in the state of Florida, with four flourishing locations across the stateβ€”Tampa, Orlando, Boca Raton, and our headquarters in Cape Coral, FL. Now, the time has come for us to share our wealth of experience, top-rated education, and unwavering product support with all inspiring Lash Artists in Milwaukee, WI. It’s an exciting new chapter, and we can’t wait to make you a part of it!


Why Choose Pearl Lash Academy in Milwaukee?

Now, you might be wondering, “Why should I choose Pearl Lash when there are so many other options in Milwaukee?” Great question! We have an answer that’s as luscious as your future lashes.


eyelash extension classes, training and certification Orlando, Tampa, Boca Raton, Cape Coral and Milwaukee, WI Lash Class

1. Unparalleled Experience:

Pearl Lash has been at the forefront of the lash industry for nearly a decade. That’s right, we’ve been perfecting the art of eyelash extensions since 2016. Our journey has seen us train & certify over 2000 Certified Lash Artists worldwide, and we’re just getting started!



Pearl Lash Extensions Training Reviews Florida Milwaukee

2. Expertise You Can Trust:

Our classes are not just about applying lashes; they’re about creating lash artists who understand their craft inside out. We focus on proper business and marketing strategies, eye anatomy, allergies, client’s medical conditions, and metabolism to provide you with a holistic approach to eyelash extensions. You’ll learn from the best, and that’s a promise!


New Location Eyelash Extension Training Academy Milwaukee WI

3. Perks and Benefits Like No Other:

At Pearl Lash, we believe in spoiling our students with perks and benefits that make learning fun exciting, and beneficial for years to come. Expect interactive classes, hands-on training, and all the post-training support you need to shine in your new career.Β 

Some of the benefits include Unlimited Lifetime Refreshers for all students, discounts on all professional products including free shipping, access to our Student Video Portal where our students are able to watch all step-by-step videos while practicing, direct line of communication with your Master Trainer for ongoing support and most importantly adding your future business to our Network of Professional Lash Artists!


Our New Location Eyelash Extension Training Academy Milwaukee WI

4. Worldwide Community:

When you join Pearl Lash, you’re not just a student; you become part of a global community of lash artists. Connect with fellow artists, share your experiences, and grow together. Our network is 2000+ strong and counting!


New Location Eyelash Extension Training Academy Milwaukee WI


5. Get Ready to Shine:

Classes begin in July 2024, and we’re already buzzing with excitement! It’s your chance to get certified and start your journey as an Eyelash Extension Artist. Imagine transforming the way people look and feel, one lash at a time. It’s not just a career; it’s a glamorous adventure!Β 


Registration Is Now Open! Join the Pearl Lash Revolution in Milwaukee!


So, Milwaukee, get ready to flutter those lashes and bat away the competition. With Pearl Lash by your side, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Our classes are simple, fun, and professional – just like the art of eyelash extensions should be. Earn your professional certification and let Pearl Lash Extensions become your lifelong companion and your signature business card for your future career.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to kickstart your career in style. Join us in July 2024 and let the world see the fabulous Eyelash Extension Artist in you!


Register Now For Live Online Eyelash Extension Training and Certification by Pearl Lash


Our New Location Eyelash Extension Training Academy Milwaukee WI




New location Eyelash extension Training Academy Milwaukee WI

A Look Ahead: The Future of Eyelash Extensions in 2023 and Beyond

A Look Ahead The Future of Eyelash Extensions in 2023 and Beyond Pearl Lash Training Academy

A Look Ahead: The Future of Eyelash Extensions in 2023 and Beyond


The eyelash extension industry in the United States has experienced remarkable growth over the past few years, thanks to the increasing demand for long and full lashes among women and men of all ages. According to industry experts, the eyelash extension market is expected to reach $1.6 billion by 2025, driven by the growing trend of lash treatments.


As more and more women seek to enhance their natural lashes, the industry has responded with a range of innovative and cutting-edge products and techniques. From classic lash extensions to volume lash extensions, the industry has expanded to cater to diverse customer needs and preferences.


Despite its rapid growth and popularity, the eyelash extension industry has not been without its challenges. One of the most significant challenges facing the industry is the lack of standardization and regulation. With limited national and state regulations, it can be challenging for consumers to know whether the technician performing their lash treatment is properly Certified and Licensed to have the necessary skills and training to provide a safe and effective service. Pearl Lash recognizes the importance of proper training and certification, our training programs are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to provide safe and effective lash services.Β 


As a lash artist, it’s important to understand that each state has its own set of rules and regulations governing the practice of lash extensions. Before offering your services in any state, it’s crucial to know the requirements and ensure that you’re in compliance with local laws. Regulations continue to change and it is vital for all lash artists to continually monitor those changes to make sure they are compliant.Β 


Classic Eyelash Extension Application Pearl Lash Training Certification


Despite these challenges, the eyelash extension industry in the United States continues to thrive and grow, driven by the increasing demand for lashes that enhance natural beauty and boost confidence. As the industry continues to evolve and innovate, we can expect to see even more exciting developments and opportunities in the years to come.


As one of the leading providers of lash training and products in the US, Pearl Lash has played a vital role in shaping the industry and setting the standard for quality and excellence. With its comprehensive training programs and cutting-edge products, Pearl Lash has helped over 1500 inspiring lash artists achieve their dream profession.Β 


In addition to its traditional lash extension training and certification, Pearl Lash has also embraced innovative and non-invasive treatments like lash lifts and eyelash tinting education. With these treatments, women can achieve dramatic and defined lashes without the maintenance and upkeep of extensions.


According to a report by Statista, the number of establishments offering beauty services in the United States in 2023 was estimated to be around 275,000. This includes salons, spas, and other businesses offering services such as haircuts, manicures, pedicures, and lash extensions. Out of 275,000, it is estimated that less than 10% of those establishments offer professional eyelash extension services.


In addition to salons and spas, many lash artists also work independently or as freelancers, offering their services to clients in private studios or as mobile lash tech. This flexibility allows them to reach a wider range of clients and offer a more personalized experience. Working as an independent lash artist has become an amazingly profitable career choice for many young professionals. It is estimated that 40% of lash artists are currently working independently, either out of their private studio, as a mobile lash tech, or in a salon suite, and this number could reach 60% by 2025. Access to affordable marketing and social media has been one of the key growth factors in the independent lash artist industry.Β 


Comparison of Independent vs Salon Lash Artists Pearl Lash Training Academy


Overall, according to a report by Grand View Research, Inc., the global beauty market size is expected to reach USD 716.6 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.9% from 2019 to 2025. This number would make the beauty industry market one of the largest markets in the world.


As the lash extension industry continues to evolve, advancements in technology dramatically help the way that lash artists work, with new innovative tools and products becoming available that can improve efficiency and quality. Pearl Lash is always at the forefront of the ever-changing and advancing product industry. Our certified students always have access to the latest tools and supplies, helping them stay ahead of the competition.


The average salary of an eyelash extension artist can vary depending on several factors, including their level of experience, location, and the type of work they do (such as working for a salon or running their own business). Below is a breakdown of potential gross income lash artists may expect in 2023 working as an independent lash artist with a minimum of one year experience in Classic and Volume eyelash extension application.Β 

Eyelash Extension Artist Average Salary Chart Pearl Lash


It’s important to note that many eyelash extension artists also earn additional income from tips, as well as from selling retail products like lash serums, shampoo, eye masks, or makeup. Please be aware that those are gross earnings and expenses such as rent, supplies, and marketing costs need to be deducted for all independent lash artists.


Eyelash Extension products which ones to choose, professional or not Pearl Lash


In the past few years, the eyelash extension industry has been flooded with cheap and unprofessional products that are easily accessible to consumers. These products may seem like a quick and inexpensive solution, but they can be dangerous and damaging to both the natural lashes and clients’ eyes. It’s important for lash artists to use only professional-grade products that are specifically designed for the purpose of lash extensions. Professional products, such as all products offered by professional suppliers like Pearl Lash, are rigorously tested and regulated to ensure safety and effectiveness. Additionally, professional products are formulated to provide better retention and less damage to natural lashes. By using professional products, lash artists can provide higher quality service and ensure the safety of their clients.


Professional eyelash extensions Quick Fanning lashes by Pearl Lash


Overall, the future of the eyelash extension industry looks bright and promising, with continued growth, innovation, and a focus on proper training. As the industry evolves and expands, we can expect to see even more exciting developments and opportunities for both customers and professionals in the years to come.

eyelash extension classes, training and certification Orlando, Tampa, Boca Raton, Cape Coral and Milwaukee, WI Lash Class 5



A Look Ahead: The Future of Eyelash Extensions in 2023 and Beyond

Average Salary for an Eyelash Extension Artist in 2022

new year new career Eyelash Extension Training Academy Lash Artist Salary Pearl Lash 2022


It has been several decades since eyelash extensions became mainstream in the beauty industry. Significant advances in technology have made our products lighter and more appealing. Modern-day eyelash extensions look and feel real, making our eyes irresistible.

One thing has not changed in the past 20 years. Today, we are still facing a severe shortage of professional talent in the industry. Lack of qualified Lash Artists is pronounced in every part of the world. Appointment books are filling up long in advance and Lash Artists are forced to stop accepting new clients as they simply cannot accommodate more demand.

When we talk about the potential earnings for Certified Lash Artists, many are in disbelief. It is not uncommon for a Lash Artist with about 1 year of experience to charge as much as $200 for a set of Classic eyelash extensions and as much as $400 for a set of Volume. While prices do vary depending on the locale, we have noticed that in rural areas, prices have skyrocketed since 2020 and are climbing close to those in large urban markets. When you couple that with extremely low back-bar cost (on average, the back-bar, ie. product cost is under $6 per client), full-time Lash Artists are making a higher wage than nurses, cosmetologists, and many medical professionals.

The chart below is calculated based on an average (50th percentile) cost of services for a Lash Artist with 1 year of experience in the industry in the United States.

Eyelash Extension Training Academy Classes Lash Course Artist Average Salary Chart Pearl Lash 2022


As you can see, working full time, an average Lash Artist can make well over $100,000 per year. The obvious question is, why are there still so few Lash Artists out there? While there is no simple answer, based on years of industry experience, our team has some insights.

Lash Artistry requires a lot of hard work and dedication to the craft. As with any industry, if you would like to make a great living, you must put in the utmost effort in order to achieve it. Many beginners are giving up too early and simply do not choose to put in the time and practice. The first 3-6 months in the life of a young Lash Artist are difficult. Many long hours of practice and concentration need to be put in to become a perfectionist. And this job prefers perfectionists.

Lack of qualified and quality education is another reason why many Lash Artists fail to reach their potential. We cannot stress this aspect enough to our students. It is critical to begin your training and subsequent daily practice the right way. Unprofessional and unqualified training will create bad habits that are that much harder to break than learn from scratch.

Another key to achieving a successful career as an Eyelash Artist is the need to believe in yourself. Self-esteem is often the reason many young Lash Artists give up. Our instructors are often faced with students who are very talented, yet are having trouble believing in their abilities.

At Pearl Lash, we believe that anyone can succeed. All it takes is hard work, dedication, and a true desire to become your very best. Our students are equipped with all the required knowledge, skills, and support to become professional Lash Artists. Starting from our beginner Classic Training, our graduates are comfortable knowing that we are there for them, every step of the way.


Please follow this link to view Pearl Lash Online and Classroom Training options.


Pearl Lash Extensions – What’s New for 2021!


What's New at Pearl Lash for 2021

What’s New at Pearl Lash for 2021? Glad you asked!Β 


It’s hard to believe 2021 is here! For most of us, we hope this year will bring us some much-needed positivity and professional success.

Our team has been working tirelessly the entire 2020 to make your customer experience EVEN better. For our new students who are starting their careers in 2021 as well as for our highly experienced Lash Artists who have been with Pearl Lash for many years, we want to Thank you for your support. We are excited to continue bringing our unmatched Training curriculum and professional products for our customers in 2021 and beyond.



Our New Location is Opening June 2021 in Fort Myers, FL


Fort Myers Classic Eyelash Extension Training by Pearl Lash

We are excited to bring Classroom Group Training closer to home. This location is less than 5 miles away from our Cape Coral, FL Headquarters and conveniently located right of I-75 and Colonial Blvd. Our inaugural training in Fort Myers is scheduled for June 12th and registration is now open.

SW Florida Eyelash Extension industry has significantly grown over the past few years with many Pearl Lash Certified Artists making their homes in this beautiful region. We are looking to continue this trend, making sure that every local Eyelash Extension Artists is professionally trained, certified, and licensed.

Whether you are still thinking of joining the industry or looking to enhance your skills, we will be happy to see you in Fort Myers soon!



Online Training Is Here To Stay



In early 2020, Pearl Lash has launched our patented Classic Eyelash Extension Training ONLINE. Incorporating decades of Classroom Training experience with the convenience of learning from home, made this Online course an amazing success for students all over the US and internationally.

Our experts did not stop there. In the summer of last year, we launched our patented Online Lash Lift Training course. Combining our expertise and superb products, this class has become a go-to for all Lash Artists who are looking to provide a wide array of services to their customers.

This year, we are taking it up a notch. Our European Volume Eyelash Extension Training is now available ONLINE as well! Our Online Volume Training registration is now open for March 9th, 2021 with more dates to come through 2021 and beyond.Β 

This means that Pearl Lash’s exclusive Volume Training is now available from the comfort of your home. Students from all over the US and internationally are now able to learn from the best! This great curriculum will introduce you to the art of fan-making, by hand. In addition, this curriculum includes information about weight formulas, curl layering, learning how to customize your application for every client, Traditional and Russian Volume as well as Hybrid application, and much more!



Private, One-on-One Training Is Now Available in Cape Coral, FL


Pearl Lash Private Eyelash Extension Training Cape Coral, FL


If you enjoy the convenience of private, one-on-one training, where it is just you and the Master Trainer, we have you covered. You can now register to attend your private Certification Class in our Cape Coral, FL Headquarters.

You can choose from a 1-day Classic Training, 1-day Volume Training, or a 2-day Classic and Volume Training. For more information, please contact our office or follow the links above for full details.



Start Training Today, Pay Later!


Register now, pay later QuadPay and Pearl Lash

Pearl Lash has now partnered with the leading Online interest-free short-term financing provider QuadPay. The concept of enjoying your purchase now and paying later is the latest trend for 2021. You can now purchase your supplies or register for your Training while taking advantage of splitting your payment over 6 weeks interest-free!

This includes any supply purchases over $35 made on as well as your Training Registration up to $1,500. Just follow the steps in the above graphic at Checkout and enjoy the convenience of buying supplies or registering for your class now and paying later!

For additional safety and convenience, we have now added ApplePay and GooglePay payment options at Checkout. Process your order in seconds without the need of entering your credit card information right from your phone, tablet, or your computer.



Please stay tuned for more exciting announcements to come. We wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2021. As always, our dedicated team is available 7 days a week to answer all your questions via phone, chat, or email.


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